5 thoughts on “Never mind Labour ties to PIE. What about the close Tory ties to Savile?

  1. Joanna

    according to a documentary thatcher really could not stand savile, and despite his many efforts, he never spent one Christmas with thatcher!

      1. Joanna

        It was made by itv I will try and find it for you and send you the link if you would like?. It also I think had Esther Rantzen on it saying how she wanted to speak out but couldn’t because she would be risking her livelihood.

  2. Joanna

    Hi Mike the documentary is called exposure it actually doesn’t mention Christmas invitations so you were right, I do sincerely apologise for questioning what you said!
    and to expand on what you about her lobbying for a knighthood for him, she lobbied 5 times!


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