20 thoughts on “ATVOD Begins Internet Censorship

  1. Thomas M

    As the election gets close this government might well try and censor things online more and more, at least until after the election.

  2. js42uk

    The UK Column, Brian Gerrish and Lou Collins are nothing more than charlatans – go look at the Hollie Greig scandal where both Brian and Lou continually lie and have named innocent people as paedophiles for the last 4 years!

    Regardless of the evidence, (forensic medical evidence showing no abuse, named victims of the so called paedophile ring making public statements saying they were never abused, perpetrators that simply don’t exist and a full investigation by the Police commissioner of Scotland) Gerrish and Collins continue to support the scandal and in particular convicted criminal Robert Green who was jailed for sending letters to the neighbours of innocent people telling them they were living next door to paedophiles.

    Gerrish and Collins paint Green as some kind of “anti child abuse children’s campaigner” yet he has never worked on any other case other than Hollie Greig.

    Only days ago Lou Collins yet again told everyone Robert Green was arrested for “handing out leaflets” which Gerrish corrected her on – the irony is that Gerrish can be seen in many YouTube videos saying the same thing years ago!!

    According to them, the whole of Police Scotland is involved along all the judiciary, two independent GP’s, several social workers, all the doctors at Cornhill Psychiatric Hospital and all the staff at a woman’s refuge……to name but a few!

    Yet as well as all the victims Gerrish, Collins and Green named making statements saying they were never abused, not one other person has come forward to say they were abused by this massive paedophile ring that in Gerrish’s words “goes to the very top of the Scottish establishment right to Alex Salmond.”

    The man is completely deluded and willing to call innocent people paedophiles so he doesn’t have to admit he made a mistake.

    These individuals, including the likes of Sonia Poulton and David Icke, are not the “peoples saviour” no matter how corrupt our mainstream media is – they are quite the opposite and prey on peoples fears and the vulnerable in order keep the donations rolling in.

    The only reason ATVOD have taken action is because they were reported by the Hoax Group along with Sonia Poulton being reported to OFCOM for interviewing Robert Green.


    This is not the state censoring the real media – this is the state being responsible and trying to protect innocent people from these mentally ill individuals that see conspiracy and cover up in everything but never check the evidence….

    They are reprehensible and worse than our pathetic MSM.

    Try and find one person that Gerrish and his cohorts have actually helped – bet you can’t because its been tried already and failed miserably….


    1. Mike Sivier

      This certainly suggests that there is more to this story than we were originally told. I reblogged the article in good faith, and I’m sure beastrabban put it together in the same spirit.
      I may follow this up. Hopefully an official source will be able to explain ATVOD’s side of this matter.

    2. beastrabban

      Thanks for posting this, Js42uk. I was completely unaware of this when I posted up the article. As I said, I had absolutely no knowledge of who UK Column were. I’m glad you and some of the commenters to the piece on my own blog are filling me in.

      As for the massive ‘paedophile’ conspiracy surrounding the Hollie Grieg case, this sounds like a repeat or continuation of some of the similar stories of massive cults supposedly dedicated to abusing children during the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare. I distinctly remember at least one involved a group of forty children forcibly removed from their homes on the Orkneys. Part of the evidence that these children were being abused by Satanists, which included the local minister, was a supposed inverted crucifix. On inspection, this was actually a model airplane hanging from the ceiling. From what you’ve posted, it seems Gerrish and co are either promoting a similar scare, or trying to keep old ones going.

      1. js42uk

        “Satanic Panic” – correct. Robert Green attempted to inject the same into the Hollie Greig campaign.He gave a talk at the meeting rooms at the Houses of Parliament where “Wilfred Wong” who was working for Russell Brown MP at the time asked Green to “sex up” his talk with ritual abuse.

        I’ve seen the email evidence.

        You can also see Green in YouTube video’s alleging Hollie suffered satanic abuse at a prominent Sheriff’s sisters home.

        Problem is – the prominent Sheriff doesn’t have a sister…..

        It’s an absolute disgrace as 22 innocent people were labelled as paedophiles and 7 children labelled as victims.

        In truth its old hat now as it all started in 2009. The UK Column built its reputation on it and now and again other “alternative media” try to do the same – Sonia Poulton being one when she worked at “The Peoples Voice.”

        It’s like they need something dramatic to kick start their media careers – although Poulton simply never checked the evidence as the story has been used by David Icke so it may be she was lead down the garden path even though she has had plenty of opportunity to put things right….

        It’s a real shame because we do have a problem in this country with child abuse – maybe no more than other countries idk.

        But we also need good, honest media outlets that hold people to account – and sometimes it can be difficult to tell the good ones from the bad as they can drag decent reporters/researchers into the frey.

        Your no different to others beastrabban that have been “led down the garden path.”

        Indeed I supported the Robert Green and the Hollie Greig campaign for about a week before I realised it was a tissue of lies.

        Here are two excellent bloggers I trust and have performed proper research into the Hollie Greig scandal.



        To my knowledge they both perform proper research and most importantly “fact check” before posting any story….

  3. js42uk

    Mike – I don’t always agree with your politics but you seem like a decent journalist and a balanced individual which is why I follow your blog. I would think carefully when associating with The UK Column because since their inception they have mixed truth with bulls***.

    Apart from them not checking evidence, anyone that for whatever reason cannot admit they have made a mistake is simply not to be trusted in my view.

    You will of course make up your own mind and I would positively encourage that.

    1. chris

      just want to put this out there.

      there videos have not been removed but put on private even when they said they had removed them

      1. js42uk

        If you listen carefully to their explanation video in response to the ATVOD situation, somewhat expectedly, they seem to blame the situation on censorship (an attempt for ‘the establishment’ to shut them up).

        What you won’t hear is a REAL explanation of why they have had to remove content.

        So yet again we hear a twisted version of the ‘story’ which is not at all related to the TRUTH of the matter.


        Hopefully Mike will have the courage to post my first reply to this situation which gives further explanations and links to real evidence.

      2. Mike Sivier

        I was waiting until I had a chance to take a good look at the material I reblogged in relation to your comment.
        I don’t like being led down the garden path, and I’m sure beastrabban doesn’t either.
        I am sure there will be further developments.

  4. js42uk

    Mike – if you would like to talk to those directly involved, the innocent accused, simply let me know.

    There are some great alternative media out there – then there are those trying to make money out of what is happening to our country. They embellish the truth and even lie to cover up their incompetence. Check your “other box” on Facebook messages where I have given you the number and email address of the chief inspector you can verify this with.

  5. Maggs Shaw

    Probably the most disconcerting point, Robert Green knew way back in the campaign that all of this was lies but still continued to take it further, ended up in prison, and now he is awaiting trial again! Brian Gerrish just parroted what Robert Green told him….Gerrish did no investigating whatsoever, much the same as Robert Green. In fact, there were 31 or more people named by Hollie as her abusers, there were no victims, Robert and Anne manipulated the truth in order to make it all far more dramatic. Only the 22 NOT connected to Anne Greig were made public…Anne’s friends were never named in public….Robert Green openly admits that ‘they were ALL’ Hollie’s father’s friends and family….that is a lie. But as js42K has stated, Robert was told to ‘sex it up’ and that is what he did.

    All Brian Gerrish has done is repeat the lies. Many have realised they have been duped and stood up and admitted it. Many have apologised, unfortunately Brian Gerrish seems to find this hard to do. Because, if he was half as intelligent as he claims he could see through the lies. But that does not sell magazines, or promote his ‘show’ If you have a convicted criminal on your show, and allow the criminal to promote the acts that landed them in jail, then what can you expect?

    Gerrish claims that ‘top ranking Scottish Officials’ abused Hollie….a lie. I have asked him many times who these people were meant to be, but he would not answer, probably because there are none! He has limited knowledge of the case, but, like many wanting to promote their own agenda, carries on repeating the lies.

    There are so many versions of the Hollie Greig Story out in the ether now, which is useful for the so called ‘alternative media’, especially the ones just starting up their own ‘shows’, but it is evidence not one of them has bothered to do any real investigation. Keelan Balderson, Mel Ve, and Ben Emlyn Jones originally believed the Hollie Greig story, until they took the time to dig deeper and were prepared to talk to us. I also believed for about three weeks, until I looked closer, when it became obvious it was all a scam.

    Thank you for posting our comments.

    1. Mike Sivier

      The trouble with this is, it seems that any attempt to prove, absolutely, one story or another is doomed to failure – they all rely on what people say, rather than on demonstrable facts.
      For that reason, if any of the people you mention were to visit and offer their views, I would give them the space to do so, and allow readers the opportunity to make up their own minds.

      1. js42uk

        “The trouble with this is, it seems that any attempt to prove, absolutely, one story or another is doomed to failure” – Mike, I couldn’t disagree more.

        The real problem is its a complicated case, spread over a number of years and it takes time to go over all the evidence.

        Have you actually read in full and clicked all the links here? http://theholliegreigcoverup.net/?page_id=9

        There is plenty of evidence, not least the PCCS report (Independent investigation by Jim Martin – the Police complaints commissioner for Scotland.)

        Let’s look at some facts in brief.

        1. Robert Green claims in many YouTube video’s that “The majority of abuse took place in the home of the Sheriff’s sister.”

        The Sheriff doesn’t have a sister.

        2. Robert Green then claimed it was the sister-in-law’s house.

        The Sheriff doesn’t have a sister in law.

        3. Robert Green claims in many YouTube Videos that Hollie named everyone.

        He later he claims the name of the Sheriff’s sister was given by Anne, Hollies mother.

        4. Robert Green claims in many YouTube videos that Hollie named 22 people that abused her.

        The Police transcript shows Hollie named 31 people – she named everyone she knew but only those named publicly by Robert were friends and colleagues of Hollies father. The friends of her mother Hollie named, were never named by Robert Green.
        He has also refused to publicly release the Police transcript that also shows doubt by the Police to the veracity of Hollies’ claims.

        5. Robert Green claims in many YouTube videos that Hollie was abused from the age of 6 for 14 years by a gang of satanic Paedophiles.

        The Forensic medical evidence showed Hollie was not a virgin but showed no evidence of abuse. Hollie was a 20yr old woman when examined and she had a boyfriend.

        6. Robert Green claims Hollie named everyone and there were 7 other child victims along with Hollie.

        The Police transcript shows Hollie did not name any child victims and 4 of the alleged victims (now adults) have made public statements saying they were never abused and did not even know Hollie until in their teenage years.

        The list goes on an on – but I want to say one other thing before this reply gets too long.

        Although this is new to followers of this blog, it’s an old story now. In the beginning back in 2009/10 there was a 27,000 strong Facebook campaign which has been disbanded because of how the hoax group put together the evidence.

        Over the years there has been open Skype conference calls for people to debate the evidence and help them get a clear understanding of this complex case.

        The Hoax team have been interviewed on a number of different alternative media internet radio shows and appeared live at a David Icke gig in a London Pub where again questions were answered.

        It’s only the likes of Brian Gerrish, David Icke and Sonia Poulton that now support it. Originally Poulton got involved because of her show on “The Peoples Voice” – a good bit of drama to promote her show!

        So in all honesty, we, the hoax group have done the job – the innocent accused have been vindicated and the likes of Robert Green have been punished with a jail sentence – and because he seems unable to adhere to a court order it looks like he may be sentenced again. His friend and helper “Rusty” is also currently serving a jail sentence.

        All we do now is keep an eye on the likes of The UK Column and Sonia Poulton – regardless of other “good work” they may be doing, should they promote this vile hate campaign against innocent people again, then we will take the appropriate action.

        Responses to their publications can be found here: http://theholliegreigcoverup.net/?page_id=648

        None of this means this country doesn’t have a problem with child abuse – but the irrational (but perhaps understandable) association with Savile and other cases is just that – irrational, especially when you examine the evidence.

        Every case has to be treated on its own merits but its how easily the majority of the public will “BELIEVE” just because of XY and Z that individuals like Brian Gerrish and Sonia Poulton love!

        You can hear it in almost every broadcast they make – in the early years it was laughable how many other genuine cases Gerrish would try to associate Hollie Grieg with. Sonia Poulton is not different.

        And the moon is made out of Swiss cheese……..

        If anyone wants to talk to either Wyn Dragon-Smith or Sylvia Major – two of those directly accused of being Paedophiles by Robert Green you can do so here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hollie-Greig-Hoax/447674168687059

      2. Mike Sivier

        That’s some strong evidence about what people told the police – but it’s still only supported by what the police were told, rather than by hard evidence that demonstrates what happened, which is why I wrote what I did before. It’s enough to defeat allegations by people who weren’t there at all, though – certainly – and enough to win a court case when the jury has to decide on balance of probability.
        Having had experience of Sonia Poulton and appeared on her show, I think your opinion of her may be skewed somewhat by what has happened with this case. I believe she is sincere in her intentions and that any mistake or mis-association is likely to have been due to whatever information she has been given. Feel free to differ.
        I don’t want to spend any more time on this now, as you have made your points about the people mentioned in the original article and the links are there for anyone to follow up the other case you have described. Thanks for bringing this forward – it has been valuable.

      3. js42uk

        Combined with witness testimony, medical evidence and the evidence of Anne’s mental health and the fact she was sectioned (which we haven’t even touched on) there is more than enough evidence to prove this is nothing more than a woman’s decent into mental illness – a sad story indeed.

        I’m willing to accept that I may have a skewed view on Poulton – but my experience speaks for itself. You can see the Facebook messages Sonia and I exchanged and the fact that we asked for a recorded Skype interview that she simply ignored. She wouldn’t give us a right of reply until she had “her platform” which by then she had repeatedly published her support of Robert Green that we had to counter. You can watch those in the videos section of the website also….

        She does nothing unless it benefits her – and she is a sycophant. If her guests repeat things that she resonates with, then she will simply agree without doing any further research – although I did say I believe she was led down the garden path about the Hollie Greig campaign by both Gerrish and Icke.

        But all in all I agree its time to move on and thank you for allowing these posts on your blog – you are by far performing more important work so keep it up.

        Kind regards

    2. amnesiaclinic

      I would like to put another point of view but that may not be allowed. There seems to be a definite ‘this is how it is, that is the only version and that is the end of the matter’. This is self- censorship and is very successful. I am not going to try to refute all the points. We waste time in divide and rule and the whole nasty business goes rolling on. No satanic cult? A scare? Well, it seems to me you have not been paying attention. There has been savile’s nephew who spoke of him in a hood in some sort of ritual but that has all been hushed up. There are 800 bodies of babies at Tuam that appear to have been ritually abused after death. Not enough that they died with the churches and society complicity and the vaccine scandal as well.
      We need to go to the heart and talk to the people involved – Hollie’s story, her mother’s story and Robert Green’s own story. Then review it – it is far more complicated than presented and then look at it with compassion. empathy and love.
      To shut everything down because one side sees it in one way and allowing others to tell us what to think is mind-control. We need to take back our minds and see for ourselves and as I have suggested before, read the headlines for a week on David Icke’s site and see the world without the censorship of the corporate conglomerates and the censorship of the bbc. It is very successful as we see with the Anti-austerity march and the ILP action in not reporting anything not to the liking of the powers that were and this is continuing with UK Column.
      Please, find out for yourself and do not be told what to think!

      1. js42uk

        As I said earlier – this is an old story now that you are just catching up with.

        We have asked to debate with Robert for the last 4 years – he declines everytime.

        We have filmed him on the street – he runs away.

        Now of course he is not allowed by law to discuss it.

        The same goes for Anne Greig – she has never even responded to our requests.

        The only ones to talk to anyone have been the accused in an attempt to clear their names – and again over the years they have done more than their fair share.

        They have been interviewed http://theholliegreigcoverup.net/?page_id=225 and given newspaper interviews also. Sylvia Major was part of the questions and answer session in London at the David Icke gig because he also promoted this campaign in the early years.

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