5 thoughts on “Labour not to blame for ESA assessment backlog

  1. Methusalada

    Some one keeps dumping your blogs & others into my deleted folder. I don’t know how to rectify this except by bringing them from the deleted folder into my inbox .

  2. Chris

    Hi Mike

    You do a great job – many thanks!

    Just one small request, could you put the link to the “original” in the email you send out, so we can go straight there instead of a 2-stage process (“View original”) as at present?

    1. Mike Sivier

      It’s the way WordPress arranges it – if I want to reblog somebody’s article, that’s how it’s done. Besides, why would you want to bypass the person who alerted you to an article? That would not be polite! 🙂

      1. Chris

        Being disabled myself, the fewer clicks I have to make, the better. That’s all it is.

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