Labour not to blame for ESA assessment backlog

More lies from the government of lies – and Mike Penning works so hard on his façade of honesty.
This is yet another demonstration of the fact that, when you cut the number of people employed in the public sector, the work of government falls apart.

5 thoughts on “Labour not to blame for ESA assessment backlog

  1. Methusalada

    Some one keeps dumping your blogs & others into my deleted folder. I don’t know how to rectify this except by bringing them from the deleted folder into my inbox .

  2. Chris

    Hi Mike

    You do a great job – many thanks!

    Just one small request, could you put the link to the “original” in the email you send out, so we can go straight there instead of a 2-stage process (“View original”) as at present?

    1. Mike Sivier

      It’s the way WordPress arranges it – if I want to reblog somebody’s article, that’s how it’s done. Besides, why would you want to bypass the person who alerted you to an article? That would not be polite! 🙂

      1. Chris

        Being disabled myself, the fewer clicks I have to make, the better. That’s all it is.

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