This is How You Stand Up to Austerity…And Win!

From Scriptonite Daily:

It can be all too easy, in the face of a broken democracy and crushing ‘austerity’, to fall prey to resignation. But when the doors of a Cambridge mental health walk-in centre were due to close due to funding cuts – this courageous group of local residents and service users put up the fight of their lives – and won.

Research by the London School of Economics has revealed that 30,000 people with poor mental health have lost their social care support since 2005, following a £90m shortfall in funding. Just weeks ago, The Mental Health Foundation, Rethink Mental Illness, Mind, the NHS Confederation Mental Health Network and the Centre for Mental Health and the Royal College of Psychiatrists released a letter warning that planned cuts for next year will put lives at risk as the system is already underfunded.

This community fought back.

Residents successfully occupied Lifeworks clinic for FOUR MONTHS, in efforts to save their services from the merciless cuts of the Cameron government.

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    A truly inspiring account of how a group of people with serious mental health problems stood up and occupied their mental health centre. They won, and forced the authorities to keep it open, at least for the next five years. And Scriptonite also has pics!

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