7 thoughts on “Emergency surveillance law to be brought in with cross-party support

    1. Mike Sivier

      Well, there’s hope even if this law is passed, because it will have to be reviewed in 2016.
      Having said that, it’s definitely Theresa May’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’ coming back onto the political agenda, unheralded, and she’ll want it kept – most particularly because she wants to stamp on our human rights.

  1. cnhay

    Looks more and more like a police state with big brother controlling every thing from there bunker in Downing Street , 1984 is upon us only we still do not realise it.

  2. jaypot2012

    So would it mean that the review would still go ahead in 2016 even if Labour were in power?
    As for this being due to terrorism, that’s a load of bull – it’s MI5 and MI6 who have made the cock-ups – they knew about the child abuse and they knew about the terrorists.
    An awful lot of the snooping will be to do with how the tories are doing in the run up to the election, how the people are not being swallowed in by their lies anymore, which unions and people are planning strikes and marches, how the Independence is going, and many, many other things – terrorism is at the bottom of the list!
    This government make me sick!

  3. MrChekaMan

    Of course-yes, there *are*, to an extent, real threats from terrorists and sex offenders. But if the threats really are so big we need these laws, then we should be shown the evidence of this. If there is not such evidence, then this is just an attempt to spy on ordinary people. And anyway, the threat from jihadists could have been avoided if we had not stirred them up by invading Iraq.

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