Is IDS about to be given his marching orders?

I’m not sure about this.
We all know Esther McVey has lied to Parliament and therefore her words will carry no weight at all. It would not be sensible to put such a person in a position that needs rehabilitation after the damage done by the man Vox Political calls ‘Returned To Unit’ because of his many failures, including in the Army.

18 thoughts on “Is IDS about to be given his marching orders?

  1. jess

    George Smith to be sacked?

    Could it be that he is to be Cameron’s sacrificial lamb in Europe?

    Can it be more than coincidence that this rumour should emerge when European Commission jobs are being negotiated?

    From a Euroblog;
    “Some jobs in the EU’s executive are more coveted because they wield more power, such as competition, trade, economics, energy and the internal market, covering financial and business regulation.

    Britain has not put forward a candidate for foreign policy chief or European Council president, but diplomats said it was hoping for a big economic portfolio – the internal market, trade or competition – in the new Commission.

    However, under EU law it is up to Juncker to decide which country gets which job.

    “None of these portfolios is likely to go to Britain. You don’t reward someone who is against you,” a second EU diplomat said.”

    Lansley has already been vetoed by Juncker, and Michael Howard is rumoured to be in the running for a Commission role.

    But it would be very convenient for Cameron to heist George Smith on Europe and thus rid himself of his most toxic minister ahead of an election.

    Smith will not care too much where he gets his underpants paid for, as long as he doesn’t have to fork out for them himself

  2. Barry

    Well it wouldn’t be before time would it, perhaps they could put him in charge of the public toilet sell off.

  3. marcusdemowbray

    From the BBC is seems like ID-S IS going, REJOICE!

    It might be that McVile will become Culture Secretary; presumably for her skill and experience in Culturing False Statistics, Lies and Propaganda!

    It also presumably means that ID-S in Defence will bring in Atos to replace our Armed Services, and McVile will be free to destroy all Cultural Institutions. Lunatics taking over the asylum?

  4. thelovelywibblywobblyoldlady

    I’ve herard that Phillip Hammond is going to Work & Pensions and that our mutual enemy IDS, is going to defence… I can see it now… he’ll take 16 – 18 year olds off the dole and bring back National Service; unemployed stats and forces recruitment problem solved in one fell swoop! I only hope I’m wrong.

  5. Graham Cordwell

    RTU to Defence would be a cruel joke not just for him, but for the armed forces! By the way ATOS is already ruining, sorry running, sorry right first time, medicals for war disablement pensions and the armed forces compensation scheme. He could have the potential to screw up the lives of thousands of veterans not yet purged under DWP rules!

  6. jeffrey davies

    its one lump or two which one but both bring death marching in eny meany mine more

  7. HomerJS

    IDS has always been very stubborn, but as he is a former soldier I could see how he might like Defence. I also think that the incompetence and the nastiness are beginning to catch up with him. I comment on the Guardian website (CiF) and I have noticed that more and more people are complaining about the deaths etc, and also that very few people actually now stand up to defend him.

  8. aussieeh

    Now, if this is true, and if there is any Justice left in our land, Idiotic Demented Sociopath would and should be brought to account for every death and suicide, and all the grief, trauma and suffering left behind, that has been constantly ground into our people at his hands, due to his knowingly lying and twisting statistics to bolster his own unworkable and costly schemes, all to suit his egotistical war waged against the sick and/or disabled, the low-paid and the unemployed of this country. He has lied to Parliament, the courts and the people and should be held fully responsible, as should all of his ilk.

  9. jess

    Isn’t it marvelous how this administration is able to hide scandals

    ” In 2012 the Commissioner considered a complaint that Lord Blencathra had, in his capacity as the Director of the Cayman Islands Government Office in the United Kingdom, provided parliamentary advice or services in return for payment. The Commissioner found that the evidence did not support the complaint and so dismissed it.

    In March 2014 a new complaint was made, on the basis of an article in The Independent. That article was based on a copy of the contract Lord Blencathra agreed with the Cayman Islands Government, which ran from November 2011 to November 2012. Amongst the services that Lord Blencathra in the contract agreed to provide were “liaising with and making representations to … Members of Parliament in the House of Commons, and Members of the House of Lords”.

    The Commissioner finds that by agreeing to a contract which would involve the provision of parliamentary services Lord Blencathra breached paragraph 8(d) of the Code of Conduct (which prohibits members from accepting or agreeing to accept payment or other reward in return for providing parliamentary advice or services). Although the Commissioner finds that there is no evidence that Lord Blencathra in fact provided such services, the mere existence of that contractual term put him in breach of the Code.”

    Or is it the case that there are too many scandals surrounding this administration for the press to keep tabs on?

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