6 thoughts on “David Cameron sued by unemployed man over freedom of speech

  1. Dean

    No no no my friend you’ve been given a PND for MC act because you have evidently sent malicious intentful literature that’s likely to have cause alarm harassment or distress …you can protest but these ways of doing it.

    Freedom of speech. In the UK you have the freedom of speech but there are consequences to your actions. I.e. You can say a racial word but there is a consequence for that action.

    1. Mike Sivier

      If you’re suggesting someone is using a s.5 ‘harassment, alarm or distress’ accusation against him, then it seems likely that he’ll win his case.
      Have you forgotten that this is the law that was used to arrest a man for calling a police horse “gay”?

  2. jaypot2012

    If he wins his case it would bring cases from everywhere – which is a good thing. But of course he’ll lose.
    He’s either written in a very offensive way OR he hasn’t but will lose because he’s just a little guy and the others are filthy lying b*stards!
    Good luck to him – I really do mean that.

  3. Leoni Al-ajeel

    So we are no longer allowed to send an email stating the truth of the matter, or you will be charged. This is getting to be ridicules,it is the tax payer that pay’s their wages. They can call us scroungers lazy etc but we cant say anything back to them

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