6 thoughts on “Wealthy tax dodgers are Britain’s REAL wreckers and that’s the long and short of it

  1. Nice Jewish Girl

    No taxation without representation. Yet why is it that I, as a transgender person, do not see one per cent, single other transgender person in ‘our’ government similar to me – yet, however, I’m still expected to pay 100 per cent equal taxes to my supposedly ‘equal’ cis co-electorants? Food for thought, Mike…?

    1. Mike Sivier

      No. Transgender people are not excluded from seeking election – anyone can, as long as they are British citizens above a certain age, who aren’t certifiably insane or convicted criminals (I think; it’s a while since I last had to check).
      If no such people have sought election, or they did but were unsuccessful, then you cannot claim that you are not represented in Parliament because of it; the most popular candidate in your Constituency represents you.
      The only way you could claim not to be represented is if the law excluded transgender people from seeking election and it doesn’t.

  2. Nice Jewish Girl

    Theoretically, not all transgender people are excluded from seeking election but those within the trans community who identify outside of the gender binary actually do not have any representation as only female and male genders are recognised under British law. Now I have a friend who does not identify as either female or male and is not allowed to use the local gym because it is split into women-only and men-only sections and my friend is prevented from using either. However, my friend is still expected to pay for this leisure facility via council tax. So here we have one clear case of taxation without representation for starters. Unlike countries such as Germany, Argentina, Australia and India, the UK as of yet does not provide legal recognition and protection for the rights of people who do not conform to either male or female. Some groups within the trans community are not legally represented at all – does this not amount (at the very least) to taxation without representation, Mike?

    1. Mike Sivier

      Why does your friend not identify as either female or male – is it their choice? Without knowing that, on the face of it, this seems like one person deliberately trying to be awkward. Choosing to obscure your gender, it seems to me, is a personal decision, not a legal position. Why not find another gym? My local has men and women working out together (with no apparent damage to either) and I’m sure others exist – possibly near your friend.

  3. Nice Jewish Girl

    Oh dear, somebody doesn’t want the truth to get through as much as they’d like us to think, eh?;)

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