Another reason Labour don’t deserve your vote

I don’t agree that Labour don’t deserve people’s vote, but I do agree that any focus on cutting the deficit that is likely to impact on the poorest will be wrong. We have seen over the last four years that cutting the amount of money going through the economy can only increase poverty and misery, and the only way out is targeted investment. This is what Labour should be promoting.

7 thoughts on “Another reason Labour don’t deserve your vote

  1. Thomas M

    I don’t like Labour but who else to vote for? UKIP is far right, and the left wing small parties are too small to get anywhere and would mean a wasted vote. Even if large numbers of people voted for parties like TUSC, all that would do is let the Tories and maybe even the Lib Dems back in again.

    1. Mike Sivier

      Perhaps the answer is to vote Labour this time, but make it conditional, and the instant they go out of line you throw all your support behind one of the other left-wing organisations, in order to build it up to prominence by the time of the next election?

      1. Thomas M

        I’m going to give Labour one final chance, and then switch to TUSC even though that would mean wasting my vote. I have plenty of reasons to dislike Labour, but I really want rid of this government which I dislike much more.

  2. Tony Dean

    Personally, I am going to have to hold my nose in the voting booth, and vote for whatever party has the best chance of keeping a Tory out where I live.

  3. jaypot2012

    It’s Labour for me if we don’t get Independence. The Scottish Labour in 2016 if we do, provided they get themselves together – you’ve no idea!
    Labour have to be the one to vote for, surely even the Kippers can see that.

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