6 thoughts on “UKIP in freefall as Labour takes council seat from Farage

  1. Toot

    We all know what UKIP is but if you want a Labour victory it’s best in my opinion to bite your tongue and give UKIP its head. That political “party” hovering up the votes of the biggest headbangers amongst the Tories may well help Labour regain power. Best not to rubbish UKIP too much now and save it for after the next general election.

      1. Toot

        The British people are mad with politics and politicians but the aren’t mad yet in the clinical sense. I can’t believe that my countrymen would vote to have a UKIP MP representing them in parliament. Surely we aren’t that far gone? Or are we?

  2. Julian Field

    The interesting thing, is that it appears to illustrate that the tories are also regarded by many, as homophobic and racist, when compared to Labour.

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