DWP Limbo: “Sometimes I Think I Would Be Better Off Dead”

It’s bizarre that, even though many of us (here) know exactly what MR is, articles like this are still being produced to explain it to the general public. It’s a symptom of the way information is held back from the masses – or they choose not to see what’s happening under their noses.

5 thoughts on “DWP Limbo: “Sometimes I Think I Would Be Better Off Dead”

  1. Florence

    One would have thought that it would not be hard for a major newspaper like the Graun to have had their journalists either trawl the blogs for news, or invite bloggers for guest columns to cover these issues. A (complex?) graphic to show the pathways should have been possible too, especially when changes that were highly detrimental have been made.

    I also guess that the same press, even if not part of the evil empire, have waited until now because the establishment is, well, just like that. Ditto our MPs who have *just* woken up to the death-dealing policies, when they must have had the usual constituents seeking their help.

      1. Florence

        So they only use “official” data and contacts, leaving the main population in ignorance, hence the mess we are now! The main way I use is to go & comment on these news sites, and paste in links to blogs. It’s small, but I do sometimes get favourable responses from other contributors. It’s small, but chip, chip, chip, …….

  2. Moggy

    A lot of us took part in this consultation. I made the point then that how come the disabled who need longer time to fill out their ESA forms are having the time cut from 6 weeks to 4 whereas the reason for no time limit on the MP was given as ‘some cases are complicated’. Funny then, how the complications of the disabled aren’t given the same consideration then. I also wrote to my MP and said that a right to appeal was a human right.

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