11 thoughts on “Welfare reform and the “jobs miracle”

  1. John

    Fiddling the way in which employment and unemployment figures are calculated is what really underlies all these so-called “measures” as well as youth apprenticeships that pay £2.68 per hour. No wonder individual average productivity is so low.
    These figures are just a sick joke and not to be taken at all seriously.

    1. vkeller

      are you serious when you say £2.68 per hour…. might as well sit on the dole because you would be as well off by the time you paid your expences.. they call that slave labour if i remember properly—disgusting.

      1. John

        Yes – £2.68 per hour is the going rate for under-18s during the first year of their “apprenticeship”. If they are retained by their employer after a year, the rate increases to the national minimum wage rate applicable to under-18s, which – I believe – is somewhere in the region of around £4 per hour.
        All these “apprenticeships” are doing wonders for the employment figures.
        If young people refuse these “apprenticeships” they are purposely unemployed and are removed from the unemployment register – another highly creative way of reducing unemployment figures.
        However, I am not an expert on these matters so maybe you can contact Mike Sivier and ask him to get someone to write an article on the whole “apprenticeship” scam.

      2. Mike Sivier

        Confuses the hell out of me. I’m from that long-forgotten generation for whom ‘apprenticeship’ meant being paired with an experienced worker, learning everything that person knew, and then either taking their place or going out into the world to find a place for oneself and – either way – trying to find a way to improve on what they knew.

        It’s an old-fashioned notion, I know.

        I happen to think it beats anything that’s on offer right now. Perhaps people should just make a conscious decision to start it up again themselves. Is that too revolutionary a thought?

  2. Joanna

    oops sorry I read further down that you have already seen it, the world is getting smaller!

  3. jeffrey davies

    just rtu ids mass fiddling of the figures once again they tell porkies but stacking shelves for ones salvation isnt or never was a proper job while those mums who cant be bothered to sign just for their stamp or the carers who just dont want this hassle the list is endless but then so is rtu ids given the real figures in deaths ops jeff3

  4. Jonathan Wilson

    I think the biggest clue that all was not well with the statistics (as opposed to us all knowing it was a bunch of lies) was when after unemployment dropped below the relevant level at which the BOE was to raise the interest rates gently.

    As the BOE governor Mark Carney didn;t raise them, one can only assume he took one look and said “get to fcuk, these figures are pure bulls**t. I can’t raise the rates as if I do using these fiddled figures the whole damn thing is going to end up a big pile of steaming sh**t as the economy will slam into reverse. The only reason the figures look so good is because IDS keeps scantioning people off the U.E. register and sticking people on workfair not employment… seriously I thought this job would be good, but every figure you give me to work with is pure unadulterated lies; now fcuk off camoron you posh eaton tw*t and let me get on with my work.”

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