4 thoughts on “Coroners’ offices across region could be scrapped over ‘too low’ death rates

  1. Harry

    A good point made by amnesiaclinic. Another is that the huge genocide of the old and the disabled done under the bernaysian euphemisms of Liverpool care pathway (LCP) and those NICE people on the death panel has been enabled by the nations coroners. How else has this genocide gone unpunished? My disabled son was on the road to being murdered by “Informed consent”. But your own consent is required too, and when one evening the doctor(sic) came in for a chat, I felt an all over chill. I suddenely realised why he was there: to gain my consent. I looked him in the eye and told him, “I know what it is that you want me to say and I will not say it”. Following this, the activity around my son tripled, as they tried to resiscitate him. But, my wonderful son died the next morning as a panicking team used a technique called hyperinflation to restart his breathing.

    After the event it was clear that the coroners office was acting as a blocking agent. My sons death certificate is bag of tosh: Even a senior physician commented mainstream that too many death certificates are out there stating septicaemia and pneumonia, when the former condition relates to open wounds. There is much more to this case, but the legal proffession too seems detrermined to push outraged and bereaved people to sue for compensation. COMPENSATION? The only compensation I wanted was Two doctors and Two nurses in prisn for murder.

    1. amnesiaclinic

      So very, very sorry to hear of your tragedy. It is the worst thing to happen to any parent but at least you didn’t give consent which was very courageous of you.
      Please accept my deepest condolences and very best wishes.
      With love

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