Duncan Smith reckons cutting welfare for cancer patients is “creating jobs” – Pride’s Purge

Tom Pride attacks Iain Duncan Smith’s speech today from another angle:

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith is claiming that his welfare reforms are creating jobs.

Quite how cutting welfare payments to terminally ill cancer sufferers – for example – is supposed to create jobs, he doesn’t quite explain:

Deadly delay for cancer patients as thousands are waiting months to get benefits

Perhaps he’s referring to an uptick in jobs being created in the greetings card, flower delivery and undertaking sectors?

And to be fair to Duncan Smith, dying probably is quite a good way to get you off the unemployment figures.

Sometimes I think trying to satirise this government is getting to be almost impossible.

They satirise themselves so much better than I ever could.

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16 thoughts on “Duncan Smith reckons cutting welfare for cancer patients is “creating jobs” – Pride’s Purge

  1. ellie guest

    the facts are that IDS was a born ponce ..aka scrounger , he failed in the army old school tie chums helped him out then he latched on to a rich families single poor cow and has ponced off her family ever since , he has never done a hard days work in his pathetic life, he is a nasty evil bigoted ponce

  2. marcusdemowbray

    Iain Duncan Sh1t’s Reformas HAVE created jobs, thousands of them. All the extra bureaucrats and staff his reforms require in order to be implemented. All those extra people at Atos and its successor, all the extra jobs in DWP and in the legal profession and Courts and plenty of others. It is the number of extra staff required to carry out that poisonous and deranged bast*rd’s reforms that have made them more expense than the money they save.

  3. Mr.Angry

    Pure evil spineless species why aren’t Europe doing something about this atrocity we are still part of Europe. No wonder he will not release the statistics evil coward I wonder what his parents thought of him? probably disowned him hence his time in the forces.

    Personally I would have drowned him at birth saved a lot of people suffering under his savage regimes. God I hope his time comes I know individuals very ill suffering under this tyrant.

  4. Florence

    Looking at the latest figures from iliegal (reported on Benefits Tales) a million people are suffering without benefits because of “delays” in the DWP. I suspect these are built-in to the system of benefit denial, although some may actually be down to the sheer incompetence of IDS and his policies and his inability to lead a department of state.

    Where is the main stream media on this? Not “sexy” enough to don a flak jacket and shout down a microphone from a long way away? Not to dis-respect the terrible atrocities being waged against people elsewhere (or everywhere else, by the feel of it) but that is a highly significant proportion of the population here facing ruin and destitution as well as life-changing or life-threatening conditions. I expect most are not aware of the scale of the problem they are caught up in, even, making their desperate plight even more lonely and hard to bear. It’s the feeling of sheer impotence that RTU and the DWP have engendered that is the most deadly.

  5. keith

    The public do not care what happens as long as it happens to someone else. They bring it on themselves by being spineless. The media don’t help either by blacking out protests though.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Reckon I might do an article on this.
      They’re wrong – but you probably knew that already.

      1. Joanna

        I hope they are wrong! A couple of questions though Mike, didn’t the “cap” mean poor people had to move out of London where it is expensive? If introduced else where then where on earth will the poor have to move to?
        It would be disastrous for thousands of people.

        Here is a point, I think?
        Camoron talked about a big society, but how can you anyone have that without community? and how can you have any good community when people are being moved around so much?

        Also off topic, but isn’t making (sleeping rough illegal) illegal? If all shelters are full and there is no other shelter then where are you supposed to sleep? are they suggesting homeless people do not have the basic human right to sleep? As you can guess I’m confused!!! Some who know me would say perpetually!!

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        The cap wasn’t only introduced in London – it is currently operating around all of the UK.
        New proposals to lower benefits outside the capital are in addition to the cap.
        It isn’t against the law to make it illegal for people to sleep on the streets – it’s just a way of forcing the homeless to find shelter with charities etc, and again to force them out of cities like London if there aren’t enough places for them. The problem then grows in other towns and cities.
        The best that could be said about any of this is that Tories are creating problems and then treating the symptoms, so that the rich don’t have to look at the results of what they support.

  6. joanna

    Mike is there any way I can leave a comment without having to keep putting my email address and name in constantly?

    Sometimes all I can manage is the comment, because I have osteo-arthritis in my hands so typing is sometime really painful.

    1. Mike Sivier

      There are all sorts of extra features that I haven’t added to the site (yet), so I’ll see if there’s an easy log-in button or something similar.

    2. Mike Sivier Post author

      I’ve changed the setting so that now users must be registered and logged in to comment. It means (I hope) that you only have to put in your details once, then you click the button for your computer to remember your login details for next time, and hey presto – you’re sorted.
      I hope that makes things better.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        Sorry Joanna but I’ve changed the settings back as accommodating you seems to have killed comments stone dead.

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