Did the Mail source its poppy brooch from the same suppliers as Britain First?


Never mind the headline about Brits being unable to make sandwiches (you know it’s duff) – where did the Daily Mail get its poppy brooches?

“Free ceramic poppy brooch”, the strapline screams. “Beautiful. Unique. And we are giving away thousands to lucky readers”, it rather ungrammatically continues.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the Mail has done a deal with Britain First, the BNP-lite organisation that this blog busted yesterday for selling hugely overpriced poppy badges to raise funds for their xenophobic cause?

But then… nah. The Mail‘s bosses would never dream of getting involved with ultra right-wing organisations with hugely dodgy race relations policies!


Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere with Adolf Hitler, 1930s.

… Would it?

Postscript: Thanks to alittleecon for the article that provided the Mail cover image. Alex Little’s piece is about the sandwich story and you are encouraged to visit his site and read it.

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8 thoughts on “Did the Mail source its poppy brooch from the same suppliers as Britain First?

  1. keltyk

    What actually is the Mail’s agenda here? (can’t quite read the page posted here) Is it to undermine the British public’s self confidence? Is it to undermine the welfare system with the work-shy scrounger rhetoric? Given the relentless harassment of unemployed people to apply for dozens of jobs a week, (whether they need it or not) there will be no shortage of applicants of UK birth. So, not sure what they are stirring up here. It is a typical and obviously fabricated right wing media, non-story. But why?

    1. Tony Dean

      The big elephant in the room NOT being mentioned by the DM or anyone else, is that the company who cannot get sandwich makers has an appalling track record as an employer and also the new factory does not even open until 2016 so no-one on JSA could apply for a job due to JSA regulations.

      1. keltyk

        That, Tony Dean, is a big elephant in the room of employment, i.e. bad employers ranting about the workers they are gladly abusing. Of course it gets political capital; the British ‘just don’t want to work’, is their hymn. What do they want exactly? Well cheap compliant workers, obviously. Do they care about the British population? Doubt it; they will take the cheapest most exploitable workers they can get, from anywhere they can get them. At least that is my opinion.

  2. Michelle Thomasson (Shell)

    Lord Rothermere and Lord Beaverbrook believed that a strong Germany could act against communism from the USSR as did Winston Churchill a close friend of Lord Rothermere – friendship referenced here:

    In fact they were so keen to see Hitler act against communism he was given a lot of support from the UK arms industry with bank and trading directors operating in a friendly little group including Churchill, Sir Montagu Norman (head of the Bank of England) with his confidant Hjalmar Schacht (Reichsbank president then from 1933 responsible for Germany’s rearming programmes).

    The links between this cabal are illustrated in a chart here in research for Campaign Against Arms Trade within a case study about the merger of 2 of the UK’s largest arms firms:

    This supportive relationship between newspaper moguls, leaders and bankers may have been kept quiet for a while – Norman secretly negotiated loans to Hitler (with Cabinet approval) in May, June and October 1934 and the British government practically supplied all the foreign exchange the Nazi government used to buy raw materials for its arms industry, but in 1935 it was seemingly well known in London e.g.: The Stock Exchange Gazette of 3rd May 1935 wrote: “Who finances Germany?….London.” The Bank of England effectively funded the rearmament.”

    Ref: British Foreign Policy Since 1870, by Will Podmore, (page 81).

    By 1939 it would appear that everyone had lost their memory… wonder how the Daily Mail would have spun the story then.

    1. Jonathan Wilson

      No doubt the DM would have posted a pic of someone eating a sandwich (made by non british people) and headlined it “can’t/can eat a sandwich and looks weird/great” depending on who they backed.

      So probably a good sandwich eating by Hitler, and a bad one by “red” Stalin.

  3. jaypot2012

    The DM are that tight ersed that they probably got them even cheaper by the thousands.
    As for the sandwich story, how lovely it would be if another huge sandwich “factory” opened sooner, had UK staff on good wages, and were good employees to boot.
    Never going to happen though as companies that bought from the factory would have to pay a wee bit extra for a good sandwich, and that’ just not on, is it?

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