Speak against the government and be labelled a terrorist – The Poor Side of Life

This is a short article, reproduced here in its entirety, but please don’t let that stop you checking out The Poor Side of Life – the blog where it originated.

“Let’s not arrest bankers, let’s look over here…you are criminals on the Internet. If you speak against gov you are terrorists,” says the BBC news.
Yes, sadly, that’s their opinion. They aren’t liking the hashtag #CameronMustGo on Twitter either. You can tell that they don’t like it because they aren’t reporting it. It’s been top trending for a couple of days now. The British public have no faith at all in cameron. And why should we?
Here’s a short list of the crimes he’s committed so far….
The selling off of the NHS.
The bedroom tax.
The council tax supplement.
Universal credit.
The blatant discrimination of all ill and disabled people.
Taking away the support for independent living. (Soon to come).
Selling the post office to the highest bidder.
The disgusting treatment of our firemen and women.
The criminalisation of being poor.
More child poverty than has ever been in publicly recorded in the uk.
And to finish this list off….. Suicides, starvation and lack of hope.
Oh and not to forget homelessness.
For every affordable home that is being built the local authority concerned has to give up some of its social housing…. The poor loosing out again.
The ethnic cleansing of London. Well done to the women putting up a fight.
Does saying all this make me a terrorist? Maybe it does…. But ask me if I care and I will answer with a firm no.
Stay strong in your beliefs. Don’t let anyone grind you down and make you feel hopeless.

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18 thoughts on “Speak against the government and be labelled a terrorist – The Poor Side of Life

  1. Tisme's Cares

    Hi Mike – Tisme’s Cares here – well it seems Im branded a terrorist for doing all of the above! I’ve had my Facebook page shut down *sigh* I’m debating whether to open it up again but the new T&Cs are BRUTAL.

    Bad Tisme – not using a REAL name and for speaking out!

    Keep posting hun – nil illegitemi carborundum.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      How do you think I feel? I just published my 3,141st individual piece of evidence, and it’s just as damning as the previous 3,140!

  2. Liam

    He didn’t sell the GPO to the highest bidder – he flogged it off to his mates at a HUGE discount. Otherwise, spot on.

    1. Florence

      They have also announced the panic-before-the-election sell-off of the public-owned rail franchise to………the French publicly owned railway. £1 billion in profit over the last 5 years (that went into the public purse) will now subsidise rail fares in France. Expect there to be such a deluge of this in the next few months that we won’t have time to even document it, never mind protest – other than the spontaneous chaotic ones..

      Political spite hitting new lows. We will all be branded internal terrorists for simply having an opinion counter to the corporatist super-state of the super-rich neo-cons. That’s not our use – it is to feed the rich & powerful with our life-blood and starve and die when not working to this end. It’s taken 30 years in the USA to dismantle their minimal social systems, and just 5 over here to dismantle a much larger & mature welfare state. Anyone opposing the madness of double think and corporate imperialist ambitions to have hegemony over the entire population of the world and all the resources can & must be defied at all levels in all ways

  3. Thomas M

    This government has been the most unpleasant one for decades. So far I have not been directly bothered by it (but I think I’m in the WRAG now so in a year I’ll just be living off my savings/family.) Whilst there most likely *are* genuine terrorists on the Internet, that should not be used as an excuse to call all critics of the government terrorists. And the original poster forgot the taking away of legal aid so that people have to either do without justice or become litigants in person and try and run their own cases.

      1. Mr.Angry

        Mike I tried that to no avail, now it’s surviving on local rabbit-wood pidgeon- pheasant what ever passes our local fields, grown enough veg to see us through the winter. Biggest problem keeping warm, snowed in for six weeks in 2012, Police had to get my insulin to me by quad bike, pretty scary. Just hope don’t have a repeat of 2012 as my wife and I may become one of IDS statistics.

        Makes one really appreciative having worked for forty two years, wonderful government we have (NOT). Utter B*****ards.

    1. Florence

      Have you considered trying to get into the Support group (if that is appropriate for your health issues, not prying BTW)?

  4. Tony Dean

    As one of the vexatious sinister minority with a home office file as big as several telephone directories I must near the top of the domestic terrorist list.

  5. ispy

    You say: “don’t let anyone grind you down and make you feel hopeless”.

    Perhaps you should read about the new “Treatment Centres” already in existence to “treat” addicts using a technique called the “Transtheoretical Method” – also known as the Shock Doctrine. Addicts are ground down and reprogrammed as zombie drones!

    In Edinburgh, one such place is known as the “Sorted Centre” where people are being referred by the courts to undergo Workfare while being forcibly treated for addictions.

    “The Void” has currently posted a good article about it, and in fact one of the comments after the article is so good that I will reproduce it here:

    “Terrifying places like the sordid ‘Sorted Project’ in Edinburgh to which people are ALREADY being referred by the courts to be put on workfare while being ‘treated’ for addictions.

    Rather than the (bog) standard CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) brainwashing (which is useless enough), they use a technique known as the Transtheoretical Method – better known as the Shock Doctrine. This involves traumatising people (they don’t say how) until they mentally dissociate, creating an alter personality (as in Multiple Personality Disorder/DID) which can be reprogrammed as a good little slavey. Should a person resist they can go to jail, as well as risking sanctions. It goes without saying that nobody referred to these programmes is in any position to give informed consent.

    Upgrading addicts into zombie drones may appear to cosmetically ‘fix’ damaged people in the short term, but in the long term their pre-existing mental health issues will be complicated by the deliberately induced post traumatic stress and dissociative disorders inflicted as a ‘cure’. It boils down to poor people being processed like livestock and no longer considered human. Incidentally no staff there seem to be medically trained in any way, exactly like the Jobcentres”.

    Article from “The Void” here:


  6. Keith Jackson

    Thomas – I think it is form PW1 from DWP. They keep it a secret so that no one is any the wiser. I think you have to ring DWP for it (someone correct me if I am wrong).
    A word of warning though – you cannot claim it if you have savings of more than 16k.
    Hope that helps.

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