The longer we argue, the longer the queues at the foodbank get – A Girl Called Jack

Putting her foot in her mouth: Baroness Anne Jenkin, pictured with another Tory renowned for uttering nonsense.

Putting her foot in her mouth: Baroness Anne Jenkin, pictured with another Tory renowned for uttering nonsense.

She doesn’t need the traffic, being many times more popular than Vox Political, but this blogger is still angry that Jack Monroe took undue flak over #CameronMustGo, and will therefore take this opportunity to support and promote her.

This is a particularly good column for such a purpose, as Jack is criticising the hare-brained comment of Tory Baroness Anne Jenkin, who clearly wasn’t elevated to the Upper House because of her intelligence. Her claim that “poor people don’t know how to cook” is another direct insult against Ms Monroe, who has created an entire career from the fact that – as a poor person – she damn’ well did know how to cook! She writes:

“Poor people don’t know how to cook”, Baroness Anne Jenkin said at the launch of the Feeding Britain report yesterday, and suddenly it was as though ten months of evidence gathering, and 160 pages of written report, hadn’t happened, cast aside to be summed up in seven words.

Welcome to the new politics, where every character counts, and every statement met with an equal and polarising one. Instead of discussing and debating the 77 recommendations in the report on Monday evening, as a former food bank user who had given oral evidence to the committee myself in July, I found myself on regional and national radio and television, being asked about Baroness Jenkin instead.

Jack’s site has more; please give it a visit.

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11 thoughts on “The longer we argue, the longer the queues at the foodbank get – A Girl Called Jack

  1. joanna may

    I may be on my own thinking this but talking about food banks, on the ch4 program “skint” a man had been to the food bank, got home, put it away, then the next minute he was in the pub drinking a pint.
    I find this highly offensive, why couldn’t he have used that money for food himself?

    If he had a drink problem, then why didn’t he go for the cheaper option and bought it from the off license or supermarket. I find some people highly hypocritical, it isn’t about wealth and status!

    As for being poor and cooking, I can cook I choose not to, it is about choice.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      It is about choice. The TV company chose to find a man who was going to cheat the food bank – that was theirs. The vast majority of people don’t and you shouldn’t be swayed into thinking that they do, just because of a TV company decision that may have been politically-motivated.

      1. Jim Round

        People like the man Joanna May mentioned are visible though, pretty much like those who hang around bus stations etc…. with bottles of cider.
        People who genuinely use foodbanks tend not to shout from the rooftops about it, but are quietly getting by the best they can (for examples of selective programnes see benfits street/benefits/immigrants and proud)
        What is an interesting debate is how to deal with those who hang about bus stations etc…
        That’s if they’ll take any help in the first place.

      2. joanna may

        I know Mike, but I despair how we all are slaves to propaganda, the thing is it makes the innocent look guilty as hell! I really do despise this world because any beauty is over ridden by bad which seems to be more permissive everyday!
        For example whilst I was in care I was badly abused, and I never broke the law, yet those who Did break the law got rewarded with holidays away, what did I get? Nothing at all but more abuse!!!

  2. gavinpollock

    Brilliant comment on the Guardian yesterday:

    “My Granddad told a story about the height of the great depression, when a titled lady wearing an expensive fur stole, gave a talk at the docks regarding how the poor could make a nutritious soup from fish heads. At the end of the talk she asked if there were any questions from the audience; it was quiet at first until one flat cap wearing docker put his hand up

    Docker: Begging your pardon m’lady…

    Lady: Yes my good man?

    Docker: Who gets to eat the rest of the fish?”

  3. Let Them Eat Art

    Don’t know how to cook, indeed! I’ve been cooking my own meals since age 10, and am now in my 50’s. I bet I can rustle up a meal out of bugger all ingredients far better than any clueless rich Tory toff any day of the week. That bit is easy, but when you’re forced to live like that day in, day out, it becomes very debilitating. There are plenty of times when I have virtually nothing to cook with and absolutely zero cash. Stupid rich bitch.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Four loaves of bread, if it’s the cheap bread from Tesco; three packets of cakes (if they’re on offer); lots of meat if it’s on the ‘going out of date’ shelves… it depends how you measure it out.

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