Will the UK wake up in 2015 to how disastrous right-wing ideology has been? – Left Futures


There are TWO examples of cognitive dissonance in this article.

The end of 2014 has certainly brought home some hard economic truths, according to Left Futures.

The UK economy is slowing… The budget deficit, which according to Osborne’s long-term economic plan, was supposed now to be £40bn is actually £100bn. Worse, the deficit is now beginning to rise, not fall at all.

The re-balancing of the economy, another key part of the government’s long-term economic plan, hasn’t materialised and in fact has got much worse.

Cameron has announced with great flourish [that] austerity and the cuts are largely over and very little remains to be done. Osborne immediately contradicted this in the Autumn Statement by declaring roundly that he intended to take another £30bn in cuts in this next parliament, and that was just for starters.

The political ideology of unrelenting austerity is now a busted flush.

It has laid waste communities in the north, made large parts of Britain into a third world country dependent on food banks, and generated a sense of utter insecurity and abandonment by all three main political parties until Labour has the guts to propound the real solution which is sustainable economic growth.

Read the full article on Left Futures, but let’s concentrate on that last sentence for a while: “Until Labour has the guts to propound the real solution which is sustainable economic growth.”

Ed Balls has been doing this for some considerable time.

What a shame the political commentators in the media (both mass and social) are suffering cognitive dissonance and cannot accept what he is saying. They are determined to associate him with neoliberal economics, even though he seems to have abandoned that position.

It seems he’ll have to berate Martha Kearney a few more times until the message gets through.

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10 thoughts on “Will the UK wake up in 2015 to how disastrous right-wing ideology has been? – Left Futures

  1. jeffrey davies

    thatchers path was bare thatchers path left you without our family silver thatchers path left so many without a job yes thatcher was a puppet of the few who want surfs to beg for their daily dose yet selling us out to the peculators yes greed has hard a hold on the british people believing the tory retric we will help those who work yet pulling away the rug that supported them in work benefits yes they lied about all things still hiding behind dodgy car salesman and their dirty tricks campaign yet a few see through their lies that britains better in their hands then god forebid that’s it no more help for those who needed it no nhs no silver left in the cupboard its bare all profits taking overseas to those offshore accounts they all like to use let the peasants pay the taxes whist the companies whose hands the tories have in their tills get their backhanders open your eyes before its realy is to late jeff3

  2. loobitzh

    I do wonder if the following

    “The budget deficit, which according to Osborne’s long-term economic plan, was supposed now to be £40bn is actually £100bn. Worse, the deficit is now beginning to rise, not fall at all”.

    is not so much bad judgement that part of the wider agenda.

    These facts appear to replicate whats going on in countries such as USA and Australia too. Rather worrying do you think? Especially when one considers Agenda 21. Which is not fantasy or fiction as there is much evidence out there to back it up.

    Just Google it or YouTube it. Here is a reliable link for starters:


    An effective way to bring down population numbers, could be to create wars, take away peoples rights, erode their support networks and liberties under the guise of National Security and Austerity etc. .

    Create false flags to churn up racial and class fears. That way you can legitimise using extreme measures and policies to control the ‘revolutionaries’ or lets say \terrorists etc……

    Employment rights being stripped, and zero hours contracts used to coerce and control the labour force, (human stock) could be viewed as more tools to stitch us all up and create division.

    To strip away peoples security when they know full well that Jobs are naturally diminishing because of all the new technologies etc could be seen as calculating. These people are not stupid, they must know that a race to the bottom does not create a growing economy and yet they are still hell bent on driving the world, not just the UK in that direction. The gap between the richest and the poorest becoming insultingly wide and obscenely unfair and undemocratic, even to many of those with some wealth is both illogical and immoral, and yet they keep twisting the screws tighter?????? Is this just bad judgement??? Or is it part of the wider Agenda (Agenda 21).

    Yes there is cognitive dissonance, but it seems to me that its probably more on the part of those being controlled than those doing the controlling who appear to be calculating the whole setup.

  3. Ross

    Any solution which demands a belief in the possibility of perpetual economic growth is no solution at all. Right now all Labour is offering is neoliberalism-lite; working people will still be mostly screwed, but there will be some attempt made to ameliorate the extremes of penury such policies create.

      1. Ross

        Their whole platform is.

        Labour has almost nothing to say about wealth inequality. Their big idea seeks to tax high value properties a minuscule percentage of the untaxed value they have accrued over the last decade or so. That’s not a policy from a party serious about doing something meaningful about the gross inequality which prevails in our society, it’s just window dressing.

        Let me put it another way, Mike.Let’s look ahead to 2020, Labour have had been at the helm for 5 years, which of these statements do you honestly think is most likely to be true.

        1. The richest 1% have increased their wealth relative to everyone else

        2. The richest 1% have seen their relative wealth decrease

        Economically both major parties are now ring-wing, the only difference is the degree of their fanaticism.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        The mansion tax is not Labour’s ‘big idea’, though. It’s just one policy among many.
        I can’t answer your question because I don’t have all the relevant information – neither do you.

  4. paulmac49

    Don’t vote for the Tories, at the next election if they do get back into power life won’t be worth living, for millions of the so called underclass people of this country. (I being one of them as an OAP)

  5. Thomas M

    To be fair to the right wing-there is one thing they are good at-punishing criminals. But on a larger scale, when they try and rule a whole country, it’s a disaster.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Are they really good at punishing criminals, though? Aren’t they better at making up crimes, accusing people of committing them, and then locking those people up?
      Look at the way they’ve dragged their feet over child abuse.

  6. jeffrey davies

    even the fraudulent banksters left off the hook whislt a person theiving food for ones family is locked up yes they have brought norman law back one for them another for the poor

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