UKIP Want Foreign NHS Workers To ‘Speak English Properly’ – Exposing UKIP

Nigel Farage and his party The UKIPs, have insisted that they want to weed out NHS workers who don’t ‘speak English properly’, according to Exposing UKIP.


Hmm. For more UKIP spalling howellers (spelling howlers), see Exposing UKIP.

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4 thoughts on “UKIP Want Foreign NHS Workers To ‘Speak English Properly’ – Exposing UKIP

  1. Chris

    UKIP is not winning. It is winning with second hand Tory MPs. Negative campaigning does not work in England. The voters (few though they are left, with even fewer each year registered to vote) are interested in hearing in what your party offers to a voter.

    Speaking English so that communication is served in the medical setting, between all the different languages of the excellent work foreign NHS staff do (and who without them there would be no social medicine) is not racist.

    One person’s heavy accented English will not be understood by someone else’s heavy accented English, between all the foreigners, who do not share a common language between them all other than English.

    If you do not say a language right, then the language speaker cannot be understood by the listeners, worldwide.

    For instance a Greek or Spanish R uses the tongue, teeth and mouth entirely differently to say the letter, than the English speaker.

    Whole letters do not exist in other languages, that exist in English, and vice versa.

    Language training fails because it does not include Elocution on how to say the letters and words, by how you use breath, lips, teeth and tongue to say the word, in whatever language you speak, English included.

    So it is up to the senior medical consultants in the NHS to bring about the solution to that, not the politicians, whose lives do not depend on the NHS and so should not be micro managing medicine.

    UKIP offers no solutions other than the nonsence that the NHS can survive without foreign staff.

    It is for the foreign medical training facilities to teach English better to their own people before they come to England, so that when (or if) they return home, they can talk to all the different language speakers in their own country or in another third nation.

    This would be the same for any language, not just English.

    I have spent a life-time hearing English people trying to speak Greek, when it is actually impossible as there are a great many letter forms that simply do not exist in any north European language, including English.

    Greeks in Cyprus and Greece in tourist areas will speak perfectly good English, German and French.

    Trying to understand an Austrian speaking Greek is just as hard, as even though know some German, their accented German is not understood.

    But then born in England of an English dad, I have just as much difficulty in comprehending English dialects like Potteries or Black Country. Or maybe the Hey up Whack of the Liverpudlians.

    And once stuck between a Yorkshireman and a Georgdie, needed a translator.

    Why is it fine for us to talk regular English between each other, when we have over 20 dialects in England alone, let alone the different English from various parts of Wales, Scotland and Ulster?

    Then trying to learn the old English of the USA or Australia, who do not have the same language at all.

    The NHS is a life-saver, being burdened by welfare reform that has seen a massive rise in malnutrition hospital admissions from a food bank system that cannot cope with the huge increase in starvation from benefit sanctions and the working poor on wages stagnated a decade into the past, when prices have not.

    And worse will come when the old are left in penniless starvation by the flat rate pension, that is more about the end of the state pension.

  2. joanna may

    I was in a shop the other day and asked for a writing pad, the woman didn’t understand a word I was saying (I live in Hull), but she knew enough to say “don’t understand”. That really hacks me off! As long as they aren’t responsible for giving instructions to patients in their tongue, I don’t see any problem, patients need to understand life-saving instructions in their own language. If I see a foreign shop I don’t go in, not because I am racist, I am not, but I do not want to be exhausted by trying to understand another language.

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