At last, someone from the Labour leadership comes out with the facts!

Ms Cooper, who was Chief Secretary to the Treasury at the time of the banking crash, acknowledged that there were some areas such as the NHS computer system where the Labour government had spent too much or incorrectly but defended overall spending levels.

“The deficit at the time was something like 0.6 per cent – the current deficit. All the political parties at the time were all supporting the spending plans and that was all due to come down,” she told the BBC.

Ms Cooper claimed the big rise in public spending between 2000 and 2010 reflected “the increase in investment that took place in order to support the economy once the financial crisis started”.

Banks were responsible for the crash, rather than overspending, Ms Cooper said, reiterating Mr Miliband’s campaign position that there should have been stronger regulation of the banks.

In addition, it should be noted that Labour ran a lower deficit than any previous – or succeeding – Conservative government until the crash happened.

That being said, this blog would not like to see her elected Labour leader.

Source: Yvette Cooper: Labour didn’t spend too much before the crash – Telegraph