Janet Daley is exactly the sort of blinkered Tory ne’er-speak-well who drags that party’s followers into disrepute whenever she has a chance.

Here, she’s badmouthing (bad-typing?) Labour supporters in the social media. Does she mean VP? It seems she surely does.

Her problem seems to be that she has clearly never actually read a dialogue between left-wing activists and others on the social media.

Every single such encounter This Writer has… enjoyed?… has been carried out with politeness on the part of the left-winger, becoming extreme and then heroic in the face of blinkered repetition of disproved rightist mantras from the other side.

But then, this article can hardly be taken seriously when the image used to illustrate it is of the war memorial that was defaced by (according to eyewitnesses) fifth-columnists working for the police.

Dedicated Left-wing activists have never been much interested in engaging in argument, only in hurling accusations of wickedness. To indulge in debate would simply be consorting with the devil.

So there can be no dialogue between themselves and the evil outside world that so exasperatingly refuses to expunge itself. This is not just pig-headed obstinacy: it is part of the dogma.

Source: The Left is as noisy as ever – how about listening for once? – Telegraph