How much more pathetic can the SNP be?

It seems that party’s MPs arrived early for the first day of the new Parliament, and took it in turns to hold onto Dennis Skinner’s habitual spot on the front corner of the Commons benches.

Oh, what a rib-tickling jape! Stealing a seat from an 83-year-old man. What a ridiculous gang of thugs.

If any Scottish people are reading this, who actually voted for those goons, This Writer hopes you are ashamed of them. You should tell them to grow up.

Anyway, it turns out that the Bolsover Beast was still capable of outwitting these fools.

He grabbed his seat back after MPs stood for a routine sweep of the chamber by sniffer dogs.

He said: “I only had half a cheek on, but I was there before them and I will be there when they are gone.”

Clearly, Dennis sees the SNP as a flash-in-the-pan. Let’s hope he helps flush them away.

Source: Labour’s Dennis Skinner wins battle of the benches with SNP MPs – Mirror Online