This is a Conservative-run NHS for you.

The plan is simple: Starve it of money and run it down – no matter what the cost in human suffering. Wait for complaints to come in. When they do, claim the problem is the fact that we have a public health service. Then privatise it completely, forcing people to pay for their care – which means most of the people mentioned in this report would receive even less support under a new system.


Experts say the conclusions reached in the Parliamentary Health Ombudsman’s end of life care review are “heartbreaking” and “completely unacceptable” – proving the NHS desperately needs more cash.

End of life care is supposed to help patients by controlling pain and other distressing symptoms, as well as providing psychological, social and spiritual support for them and their family or carers.

But a catalogue of horrific failings are uncovered in the report, which accuses the NHS of poor communication with families, weak planning, unco-ordinated care and inadequate out-of-hours services.

Source: Hundreds of thousands of patients dying without dignity as end of life horror stories reveal – Mirror Online