So let’s get this right:

It’s fine for the Conservatives to make totally unfounded claims that a minority Labour government would team up with the SNP to take Middle England’s money away…

… but it’s “scaremongering” when police voice their concern at Conservative plans to slash their numbers below the level at which they can do their job properly.

If any police officers are reading this: Next time there’s a big demonstration against the cuts going on in London, and the government demands a big police presence to “manage” it (or whatever euphemism they’re using for asking you to make it seem that the peaceful protestors have been causing trouble)…

… that might be a very good time to take some sick leave.

They’ll only pay attention to you when you’ve stopped obeying their orders.

Theresa May accused furious cops of “scaremongering” over Tory cuts as she pledged to slash police numbers yet again.

The Home Secretary tore into worried officers who fear the next round of brutal police cuts will devastate neighbourhood policing.

“This crying wolf has got to stop,” she blasted, in a hard-hitting speech to the Police Federation.

Source: Theresa May accuses cops of scaremongering over savage Tory police numbers cuts – Mirror Online