Free school expansion plans launched – BBC News

If you want to help a Tory donor make a huge profit from failing to educate your child, send them to a Free School!

There, they’ll be taught by people who have no qualifications whatsoever, before the school fails its Ofsted inspection and goes on to be closed down as a hazard to education standards.

The flagship Conservative election pledge to open a further 500 free schools in England is being put into practice, with applications invited for new schools.

The government wants to create 270,000 extra places in free schools over the next five years.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan described them as “modern engines of social justice”.

Labour’s Tristram Hunt said it was an “irresponsible” use of public funds.

And Labour’s ‘plastic Tory’ leadership candidate Liz Kendall thinks they’re a good idea.

Source: Free school expansion plans launched – BBC News

5 thoughts on “Free school expansion plans launched – BBC News

  1. Bill Kruse

    Who owns the land the school stands on after this? I know title to the land academies are on goes to the companies behind the academies. Is it the same with free schools? If so, I’d characterise this as a land grab.

  2. amnesiaclinic

    Good point about the land. This is happening everywhere with hospitals, schools and social housing sites being handed out gratis to the private companies.
    The only way is to stop this is challenging it at local levels.
    When is your next parish or town council meeting?
    Be there!
    At county council level you may need to wear a suit.
    Oxfam may have one for about a fiver – then share it around!
    We need to be the change we want to see!

  3. Jonathan Wilson

    “… including schools that are coasting” was said by D***head Camoron. Does that mean if a school is rated as “excellent” more than twice it will be subject to mandatory conversion to private interests as a “free school?” (how long before “free” is just subtly renamed to “fee” is another matter)

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