Knighthood for ex-minister Eric Pickles – BBC News

What service has he done for the people of the UK?

He brought back the poll tax, with everybody having to pay a minimum amount for council services, no matter how poor that made them.

That’s not a service – it should be a crime.

Conservative former cabinet minister Eric Pickles, who left the government at the recent reshuffle, is to be given a knighthood.

Source: Knighthood for ex-minister Eric Pickles – BBC News

5 thoughts on “Knighthood for ex-minister Eric Pickles – BBC News

  1. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    I find this rewarding people who have done absolutely no useful thing for mankind to be utterly sickening and it should be stopped. The only reason I would like to have a title is to be able to get into the House of Lords for 5 minutes and get £300; come to think of it though I would not as I would be too ashamed. Do any other countries have this farce? Obviously though it serves a purpose here to keep the old boys and girls happy even if they don’t serve much useful purpose.

  2. Nick

    i liked Eric he never came across he had a bad vibe for the sick and disabled and was to me more liberal then conservative

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