Michelle Mone quits Scotland and takes a swipe at ‘SNP muppets’ on Twitter – 3am & Mirror Online

She used to vote Labour; now it seems she’s a Tory. But then she thought Labour grossly mismanaged the financial crisis; what on earth can she think of the Tories’ mismanagement of the UK’s finances when there hasn’t been a crisis going on?

Now, Michelle Mone has quit Scotland, blasting the SNP in the process. What do we make of this?

Sane comments are invited.

The Ultimo underwear entrepreneur announced to her 926,000 Twitter followers that she had made her decision to follow her business overseas, and spared no disdain for ‘SNP muppets’.

Source: Michelle Mone quits Scotland and takes a swipe at ‘SNP muppets’ on Twitter – 3am & Mirror Online

11 thoughts on “Michelle Mone quits Scotland and takes a swipe at ‘SNP muppets’ on Twitter – 3am & Mirror Online

  1. S.G (a concerned engineer)

    Mone by name , moan by nature?

    (not sure if that’s sane or inane)

  2. Andy Peacock

    Hi Mike,

    I like the way one of the comments quoted in the article was that perhaps she doesn’t like the way the SNP have a voice.

    Well, yes. That’s why we live in a free country. Or would the SNP like to join the Tories in stamping out basic rights, free media, etc, etc?


    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      That’s right – someone tried to attribute that attitude to her – that she didn’t like the SNP having a voice. It’s not supportable; she didn’t say that anywhere (at least, not anywhere in the article).

  3. Timro

    I believe that this lady’s claim to fame is to have invented a bra that makes wearer’s breasts look firmer and larger. That is to say she’s not exactly a female version of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, even though ladies will always need underwear. Is she coming to live in England? Or America? If she’s quitting Scotland which country will be benefiting from her “uplifting” presence. And is she advertising her wares by wearing one of her own brassieres in the pictures above?

    1. colin wilkes

      We need something going out on the housing crisis and lok back to the 1950s/60s and Rachmanism.

      According to his biographer, Shirley Green, parts of the traditional Rachman story, such as the use of violence to drive away the sitting tenants (described by the press as “Rachman Terror Tactics”), may be mythical. More devious methods may have been used, such as moving the protected tenants in a smaller concentration of properties or buying them out, in order to minimise the number of tenancies with statutory rent controls. Houses were also subdivided into a number of flats in order to increase the number of tenancies without rent controls

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        I’m confused as to the relationship of this comment with a bra tycoon.

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