Michael Meacher’s latest blog entry is required reading.

Followers of this blog should pay careful attention to his point that “Part of the reason for the Tory promotion of home ownership was that it inhibited strikes because of the need to pay mortgages.”

That would explain the current push to sell more social housing stock – including housing association properties – to their tenants under the fake promise that each will be replaced “one for one”.

His parting comments are very important to the Labour Party, in its current predicament:

Those marginalised by these trends are forced to be creative to get the powerful to listen.

They cannot rely on the mainstream media which are largely the plaything of a few privileged oligarchs, so they bypass it with social media.

They tweet out their situation, argue their case, appeal for solidarity and resources, and ask others to build pressure on their corporate tormentors and on local and national politicians – including Russell Brand, an important emblem of this grassroots campaign.

Democracy no longer listens to them, but local struggles particularly over housing led by working class women in Focus E15 and the New Era fightback last year are increasingly making themselves felt across the country.

If Labour is to regain its role as their representative, it has a huge job ahead getting in touch with them, listening to them, and taking part actively and enthusiastically in whatever campaigns they feel will meet their needs.

Source: Who will speak for those who lack any meaningful political voice? | Michael Meacher