He’s absolutely right.

This blog has serious doubts about Burnham as a possible Labour leader but he has clearly learnt the lesson from last year’s Indyref PR disaster: Don’t do anything to make people think Labour and Tory are in any way similar.

Let’s make sure he’s reminded that this stance won’t work unless he follows it through on a policy level as well: No more austerity. No more privatisation. No more plastic Tories running the Labour Party.

Andy Burnham, the frontrunner for the Labour leadership, will propose that the party learns lessons from the Scottish referendum campaign and set up a separate campaign to keep Britain in the European Union.

Burnham believes some of the backlash against Labour in Scotland after the referendum was caused by campaigning alongside the Conservatives and fears that if the party is seen as acting alongside the Tories over Europe, it may make it harder to win back support from Ukip backers.

Source: Andy Burnham pushes Labour to set up separate pro-European Union campaign | Politics | The Guardian