Here’s the current story about a child being taken away from his parents. The writing makes it seem straightforward but from where This Writer is sitting, it’s much more controversial.

You might think it’s perfectly reasonable to take a child away from his parents in the conditions described below. Is it, though? Only a few years ago, it was deemed perfectly acceptable for a child to live among smokers in a smoky house.

In a week when people are praising Charles Kennedy for admitting he had a problem with alcohol, is it appropriate to be demonising others because they smoke?

And what about children who are taken away for other reasons?

Where do we draw the line?

A two-year-old boy with breathing difficulties has been taken away from his parents partly because a health visitor found that they smoked too much.

The child will be placed for adoption after a judge ruled that the risk to his health was “far too high” at a family court hearing in Hull.

Judge Louise Pemberton said she was “afraid” that he had been harmed and that his parents’ had fallen well below “good enough”.

Source: Two-year-old boy taken away from parents ‘because they smoked too much’ in dirty house – Crime – UK – The Independent