The Anti-Jeremy Corbyn People: How They Sound to Me | Mark Fiddaman


Let’s have a laugh at the anti-Corbyn brigade. Full marks to Mark Fiddaman for this:

I may not have read any of Corbyn’s policies. But I have imagined what he might think, on the basis of an unorthodox hat he once wore. And let me tell you— never have I heard such barmy, bleeding-heart, loony-left, pie-in-the-sky, stuck-in-the-past, socks-and-sandals, mouth-frothing, terrorist-licking, weirdo-beardo Islington pinko codswallop in all my life.

I’m told Corbyn has some fanciful, Trotskyite notions about not treating the poor like vermin and avoiding imbecilic economic policy. Pfft. Go back to Russia, mate. I think I also read somewhere that he wants to reduce the deficit with a growth strategy, the like of which has never worked ever, apart from all the times it has.

Well, Corbyn can’t trick me with that old ‘saying things that are true’ routine. He can’t pull the wool over my eyes with his manifest skill at harnessing grassroots momentum and his ability to articulate a message of hope with clarity and conviction. Because I know that Corbyn is unelectable. He’s simply too left wing. I mean, for God’s sake, the man was friends with Tony Benn. And apparently he was a Bennite.

Source: The Anti-Jeremy Corbyn People: How They Sound to Me | Mark Fiddaman

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11 thoughts on “The Anti-Jeremy Corbyn People: How They Sound to Me | Mark Fiddaman

  1. mohandeer

    I never voted Labour in my life, I was Tory until I realized that I wasn’t (did that make any sense?) I only voted Blue Labour to get the Tories out because Greens only had one seat under first past the post. Now finally JC comes along with his real Labour rhetoric which has been missing for some twenty odd years and I find my fingers tapping in codes for money payments to the Labour Party and JC’s campaign. Could it be that we shall once again see a real Labour Party? How many other non-Labour people out there have found JC’s views reflecting their own? It would seem at least a quarter of a million who are supporting his campaign. If JC gets in the SNP will have good reason to be worried because the Scottish Labour vote may actually return and take support from the SNP. All those north of Derbyshire may actually see some light at the end of the tunnel and decide they don’t want devolution after all. If the EU referendum returns an OUT vote UKIP support will drop off a fair bit also and will likely realize that JC’s fiscal and economic strategy can deliver us from evil.
    All this Labour’s Harriet Harman and co are willing to block because we don’t support the right leaning Blue Labour. So what Labour are essentially saying is, take it or leave it, with regards to their right leaning Blue Labour policies and agenda.
    Well if you don’t mind I’ll leave it and vote instead for a party that represent the voice of the people rather than a party dictating to the populace what the party stands for rather than what the people want.
    Labour do not deserve the opportunity they have been serendipitously handed and supporters of Blue Labour will never see an election victory in 2020 if JC loses. The Unions should be supporting either JC or if he fails the Green Party. End of.

      1. chriskitcher

        Sorry Mike I didn’t read the full headlne. Re-read it and yes very much on the nose. Sadly it fits in with a lot of Labour supporters that I know.

  2. jeffrey davies

    well us peasants want a real labour mp not a blair babys if he can turn it around but there are too too many bb in this party but then if he does win look out jeff3

  3. mrmarcpc

    Was high time the tory blue of Labour was weeded out and the true colour of Labour restored, they are unelectable for various reasons but one of the main ones is that they are tory Labour, not true Labour, and the people have finally woken up to that, Corbyn is real Labour and that is why the Blairities, i.e. tory Labour members fear him, don’t want him to win and will try to scupper him by any means necessary, they don’t want the status quo disturbed and he will disturb it if he wins, he’ll get rid of them all and they’ll have to go and join the Tories where they belong and he can get the party back to what it once was and who it truly represents, the working class of our country and not the right.

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