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Rather than admit to his failures, Iain Duncan Smith continues to operate with the approval of the public who have been duped in to believing his chaotic reforms are successfully changing lives for the better. He does so by manipulating perceptions of claimants utilising highly misleading propaganda. If Duncan Smith was brave enough to offer himself up to proper scrutiny, we believe his unacceptable incompetence would be laid bare for all to see.

For the avoidance of doubt, New Approach will work with any politician who genuinely believes in the abolition of the toxic Work Capability Assessment and who shows a real intention to listening to the ideas we, and others, have on a proper replacement.

Iain Duncan Smith has at long last made it known that he recognises the assessment process is flawed. However, there is nothing to indicate he is genuine about finding a better way forward. To date all he has come up with is to announce regressive measures to reduce the money available to claimants who are most distanced from the labour market, redefine the definitions of vulnerability and disability to suit his harmful rhetoric and carry on manipulating statistics to obtain what he perceives to be good newspaper headlines.

Duncan Smith’s latest stab in the dark is to lay the blame at employers for not taking enough disabled people on or who fail to ensure they do all all they can to retain staff who suffer temporary illness. Duncan Smith fails to recognise how his government’s harmful rhetoric has caused untold damage to gaining the confidence of prospective employers. Furthermore he has done nothing to introduce legislation which protects employees, often affected by mental health problems experienced as a direct result of problems they experience within the workplace, from facing dismissal for the crime of being unwell.

We firmly believe Duncan Smith is unfit for purpose and is not the right person to reform the welfare state, in that regard we encourage people to join Debbie Abrahams MP, and many others, in calling for his immediate resignation.

Petition: To debate a vote of no confidence in DWP secretary Ian Duncan Smith

Source: Statement On DWP Mortality Data | New Approach

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19 thoughts on “Statement On DWP Mortality Data | New Approach

  1. Michael Broadhurst

    not one mention of this on the BBC news tonight,it needs to get into mainstream media to highlight this and not get lost in the latest equally horrendous immigration figures.

    1. Daizy

      Concur. the whole machinery collusion the ith MDs and health professionals, social workers, etc…its clear. MDs no longer diagnose, remove old diagnosis, blame patients for being ill, no longer offer in depth medical tests, (most are basic routine prescriptive tests) impossible to get clinical letters from MDs outlining diagnosis and medical issues, DWP’s system is designed to fail most, bedroom tax, etc.. looking wholly at the system, it definitely designed to erase illness. The funding for the NHS is being diverted ing “prevention” which is nothing more than routine yearly blood tests, (useless), publicity in keeping “fit”, eating “healthy.” The worry here is that chronically ill patients are being used as lab rats prescribed drugs which are on trial. Lastly, read that patients wh refuse meds, (non work, nor do they manage any illness, side effects triggers other illnesses such as statins causing heart failure, diabetes and so forth)..

      1. Daizy

        Ooops, meant patients who refuse meds, either because they can’t metabolize or because of side effects, or simply refuse to be lab rats, risk loosing their benefits.

    2. sasson1

      Similar to how Snowden’s revelations actually made it worse for us, these figures will just galvanise Smith’s plans for us: why else would he have announced plans to force the chronically disabled in the Support Group to seek work in the same week that these figures were published?

  2. Daizy

    Instead of relying on empathy and compassion, we should educate the public as to how the Welfare budget is being squandered, enriching shareholders of contractors. Some of whom may be politicians or party donors. The Welfare budget is nothing more than a gravy train at tax payers’s expense. Perhaps the public will wake up – suprising that The Tax Payers Alliance never discusses this!!!

  3. Ian

    Even now, IDS is still being mealy-mouthed and sellf-serving: A DWP spokesman said

    “The government continues to support millions of people on benefits with an £80bn working-age welfare safety net in place.”

    So essentially, by mentioning the money, totally unnecessarily, the DWP are obliquely justifying their actions and implying the funding is adequate. “Look at the money these idle cripple bastards are costing, though!” is the implication. Now the Torygraph’s comment’s sections will be full of idiots criticising cost rather than the crimes of IDS, deliberately distracting from the real issue. IBS is truly the lowest of the low.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the government spin this. It wouldn’t surprise me if t didn’t go something along the lines of “Lazy benefits cheats, just dying like that when British taxpaying strivers have to stay alive to work and pay their taxes to fund greedy, shirking plebs’ funerals. What’s the matter with them? Too lazy to draw breath is what it is, think they’re entitled to just bloody die when they could be stacking my mate’s supermarket shelves for free. Selfish gits. This government will ban death for all benefit claimants under 68”.

    Harriet Harman “We shall implement a non-opposition strategy until some unspecified date when the dust has settled and we have focus-grouped the issue to death”

  4. Angela

    Headlining efficiency over equity may now be the method that best illustrates IDS’s failings. Also, how money is now going into the pockets of corporations (i.e. effectiveness) rather than the disabled or in reducing the average income tax payers’ bill (and their VAT bill) )would be equally effective. Inequality, is still an important issue but the media have so thoroughly written story pushed by Tories in the minds of the public that certain facts have to play second to other evidence which relates to areas where the publics thoughts are open to reason. That is state in the short-run. In the medium-term the often fraudulent behavior of corporations and their CEO’s and directors can be linked to the issue of inequality.

  5. gfranklinpercival

    This man’s innumeracy, coupled with his dishonesty, should see him run out of town on a rail.

  6. simon evans

    I do wish you and all journalists would stop generalising and assuming that the public is of one opinion . Quote “Iain Duncan Smith continues to operate with the approval of the public who have been duped in to believing his chaotic reforms are successfully changing lives for the better.”

    I am a member of the public and I in no way whatsoever approve of anything Duncan Smith does , nor have I been duped by him in any way . So please tell me which members of “The Public” you are referring to exactly , and what percentage do support him , or have been duped by him. Massive assumptions like this are no better than his misleading propaganda you criticize so much. If you want to go after liers , get honest with your reports , get the facts. After all showing that there is a section of the public against Smith can only support your cause ?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I take it you mean you wish the New Approach journalist who wrote the piece that was quoted would stop generalising and assuming, rather than me. Don’t assume that I agree with everything that is said in a piece I quote here – I put them up because I think they will attract interest and comment.
      Therefore you should address your questions to the New Approach website. My personal opinion is that, while only 36 per cent of those who voted in May supported a Conservative government (24 per cent of the total electorate), we have yet to see a groundswell of public opinion against the Tories from the remaining 64(76) per cent. Government in the UK is by consent, and the majority of the population has not withdrawn that consent.
      You will know my opinion of Iain Duncan Smith and his department from recent events.

  7. Mr.Angry

    All I can say is the man is ill very very ill and should not be in charge of the DWP, he needs to be sectioned before he murders more sick and vulnerable people. This man is very sick and should not be in the position he is. He is a danger to society

  8. Barrabus Zoot

    mmmm…… I’ve been told first hand he has a nephew who unfortunately suffers with schizophrenia and visits re-habs. I wonder if IDS has sanctioned him. For if his nephew is blood related (which would explain a lot) then surely IDS would think well I am working and coping with the condition so why shouldn’t he.

  9. john kettle

    Have you seen the below the line comments on the Guardian article on this?
    A few weeks ago , I can’t remember when exactly, you posted a link to an article about commenters who are paid by the government to support their policies.
    A quick read of the Guardian comments will reveal that you were entirely correct that this is happening, and they must be costing the government a fortune on this article alone at the moment.

  10. mrmarcpc

    None of the true figures are getting reported, are we not surprised by this, what do you expect from right wing loving press and organisations, will never print or report the truth, as it will embarrass the government and we can’t have that now can we!

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