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Jeremy Corbyn has been leader of the Labour Party for precisely seven days now, at the time of writing, and during that time he has been on the receiving end of attack after attack in the media, be it over the way he dresses, his refusal to sing along with the National Anthem, his decision ‘only’ to appoint more than half the positions in his Shadow Cabinet to women, or his decision not to attend the opening match of the Rugby World Cup.

My personal response to the, clearly-manufactured, outrage expressed in the media over these largely trivial details has been, “Oh will you people please grow up?” But of course the media will not grow up, and so they are throwing tantrums when they see things are not going their way. They do not like socialism, by and large, and so when they see a socialist doing well, they have to invent reasons for other people to get angry with him. In the cold light of day, Corbyn has done nothing notably wrong all week – certainly nothing that merits one-tenth of the controversy that should be raging over David Cameron violating an Election pledge – and it is clear that all of the controversies surrounding him are entirely artificial. And yet even supposedly ‘reasonable’ assessments are making Corbyn’s start as leader sound hapless and blunder-riddled.

Tantrums have been the general tendency of the media, especially the right-wing tabloids, for at least a hundred years, and they have sad consequences that go far beyond Jeremy Corbyn.

Source: Sorry, But The Media Really Are To Blame | TheCritique Archives

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18 thoughts on “Sorry, But The Media Really Are To Blame | TheCritique Archives

  1. Daizy

    The press was relentless with Milliband…this will continue with impunity till either he falls sick, resigns, ousted by Blairites, busy plotting.

  2. AndyH

    The Daily Express (which is nothing more than poor quality toilet paper) has dug up the ‘scandal’ that Corbyn’s great-great-grandfather was a workhouse master in 1867. I personally think David Cameron’s actions of the last five years are more crucial than what Corbyn’s ancestors got up to. Any other world leader, with as much blood on their hands as Cameron, would be under investigation by the UN… oh wait he is…

    The media are proving (as if any further proof were needed) that we need positive alternatives to mainstream media (such as Vox Political and AAV), and we need to boycott the tabloids.

  3. marcusdemowbray

    What sickens me most is that the Ranting Right have been fed such a rich diet of bulls**t and propaganda by Tories and the mostly Ranting Right media that any comment which is NOT heavily right wing is seen as dangerously Leftist, hence CaMoron’s Cronies’ opinion that the BBC is dangerously Left Wing and must be smashed. In Communist Russia people knew not to trust the official newspapers and broadcasts. Many British people are blissfully unaware of how much they are being spoon-fed propaganda, exaggeration and even downright lies.

  4. NMac

    It is interesting to see that generally the media attacks have fallen flat and some have even rebounded on them. In the meantime they get more and more desperate and ridiculous.

      1. Tony Dean

        So have I got an interesting opinion about Cameron, but after the:- he was a dope smoking dead pig shagger at university story all over the press today I am not about to express it publicly.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Why would you need to?
        If anybody has any more damning evidence about the Prime Minister, they’d be best-advised to wait until the clamour about this has calmed down, then come out with theirs.

  5. mrmarcpc

    The press are in bed with the government so will do each other’s bidding for each other, especially now, everything that the government are really doing, the press won’t report it and will lie and try to hide it away and every opponent to the government will be lied about and be printed to the hilt! I am surprised the revelations about what Cameron did in his younger days have been reported so vigorously, I’m surprised there wasn’t an instant blanket ban on the story!

  6. Guy Ropes

    Damn. I was about to comment about ‘violating the election pig’ but…………… Perhaps the worst bashing that Corbyn got was through Tom Watson via a John Humphries interview this morning on Radio 4 ‘Today’. Much worse than the TV programme last week. A hatchet job pure and simple.

    1. hugosmum70

      can you enlarge on this please? i wouldn’t know how to look such stuff up. although PC literate up to a point, unlike SOME peoples opinion of me (if i can answer an email, i can sell on eBay….if i can play a big fish game, i know how to do make a web site from scratch. ..etcetcetc) ,unfortunately, i am still limited to only a few things i can do. so please please please enlarge on this for those who cant find it themselves.thank you

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