Daughter of ‘fit for work’ suicide man takes human rights case to UN

Excellent news. This Blog was calling for Anne-Marie O’Sullivan to take further action after the facts about her father’s inquest became known.

Now the UN will need supporting evidence to show that it is unlikely that Mr O’Sullivan’s was an isolated case.

If you have a late relative who was mistreated by the benefits system, please get in touch with the United Nations investigation.

THE grieving daughter of a disabled man who took his own life after being wrongly declared fit for work is getting help from Scottish disability rights campaigners to take his case to the United Nations over human rights violations and also make an official complaint to the General Medical Council (GMC).

Medical adviser Dr Stephen Carty, an Edinburgh GP and medical adviser for the Black Triangle campaign group, is helping Michael O’Sullivan’s daughter Anne-Marie compile a complaint against the GMC’s handling of her father’s assessment and their failure to act.

As part of the UN’s investigation into Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms, they are putting together a dossier of information about the 60-year-old’s tragic case.

Details of a coroner’s report, which ruled that father-of-two O’Sullivan died as a direct result of being found fit for work by the UK Government’s disability assessors, was exposed by the Disability News Service investigative journalist John Pring last week and it’s the first time the UK Government’s ruthless welfare cuts have been blamed for the death of a claimant.

Source: Daughter of man who committed suicide after being found fit to work takes human rights case to UN | News | The National

Contact details for the UN Human Rights team are as follows:

United Nations Human Rights
Jorge Araya
Secretary of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Groups in Focus Section
Human Rights Treaties Division
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
OHCHR-Palais des Nations,
8-14 Avenue de la Paix,
CH-1211 Geneva 10,

E-mail: [email protected]

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13 thoughts on “Daughter of ‘fit for work’ suicide man takes human rights case to UN

  1. toocomplex4justice

    Ive just been given my death sentence after years of persecution. It’s the third attempt as I managed to survive the first two by eating tins of 15p rice pudding. This time i’ll have no way to go and buy it as they are taking my Motability car and I can’t walk.
    Would my testimony as a potential victim help.?
    I’m not going to let them get me this time because my get out of the coffin free card is to commit an offence and go to jail where i’ll be fed, kept warm, have companionship and get decent medical care.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Yes, your testimony would help. Please contact the UN using the details in the article.
      This Blog does not condone the commission of crimes – but I can’t stop you either. The only thing I would advise against is if you were contemplating suicide.
      But get your information to the UN before you do anything that is legally actionable.

  2. marcusdemowbray

    This is excellent news. The only hope for Disabled People and able-bodied people whose eyes are open enough to notice evil is that as much info as possible is given to the UN so that they can clearly demonstrate evil INTENTION, CAUSE and EFFECT.

    This government uses people’s offences (or even the suggestion that they might offend) as another way of discrediting and side-lining all those who disagree with their DIVISIVE POLICIES. Toocomplex4justice: I urge you to give your story to UN, and wish you all the best!

  3. Mr.Angry

    Everyone affected by this cruel government’s reform should heed VP’s advice and take action NOW, there is strength in numbers.

    All the contact information is available here on this blog, we can’t stay dumb forever. Please fight back for all our sakes.

  4. Brian

    What a tragedy that such action is necessary, and I hope results can be made before any others lose or contemplate their lives. I, as any reading such travesties will no doubt give their full support for any help in such an investigation by the UN. We are fortunate to ‘still’ being able to have recourse by such organisations, but surely there are domestic avenues as well, at least before they are eroded by the tories. Does the UK law not have a means of redress that can also be approached without having sub prejudice to the UN?

    I have looked at both the Human Rights Act & the Corporate Liability, but this needs the expertise of qualified personnel to quantify. While personally unqualified, I’m confident there would be sufficient Crowdfunding support for anyone wishing to pursue this and add another quiver to the bow, so to speak. Perhaps a sympathetic QC would be interested? What is sure, this is not an isolated degradation of British rights, every sector of the fabric of life is under threat. It cannot go on, not if we care to continue calling ourselves a civilised society.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      UK law has been tested several time over the last four or five years, and came up wanting every time.

      1. Brian

        If this is the case, and we see a Labour replacement then an equitable solution to political legal challenge will be in order.

      2. jacqueline

        Every judicial review has been presided over by the same firm of solicitors, Irwin Mitchell, who have (mis)advised Black Triangle and MIND/NAS regarding ESA regulations. They also fund the Public Law Project. UK laws are unenforceable rather than inadequate. There is no legal aid available for public law and the Law Society is not independent of govt. Neither is the Charity Commission.

  5. mrmarcpc

    I’m pleased Anne-Marie O’Sullivan is doing this, she must bring the plight of her father and many like him in the UK that are suffering because of these nazis that are running our country onto the rocks and people into an early grave, the whole world must know what these evil b*****ds are doing and getting away with, hope to hear more about how she got on, we must keep this in the public eye and spotlight so no one doesn’t know about the truth and it be revealed!

  6. Phil Lee

    A civil case for damages due to the wrongful death might be successful, as the standard of proof in a civil case is “on the balance of probability” rather than “beyond reasonable doubt”.
    On the balance of probability, the Tories are taking lives at at least two per day, and have been on average for every Tory government since the start of the 20th century, that being just the difference in death rates when a Tory regime is in power.
    The rate of deaths from Toryism has been increasing more recently though.
    With those kind of figures, it may even be a valid defence that if you kill a Tory, it’s in self-defence – just think how many lives could be saved if IDS were to come to an unfortunate end, and how many more if his boss were to come to the same fate?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t think any lives would be saved. Tories are interchangeable, and like the Hydra, if you chop off one head, another will rise to take its place.
      I tend to agree with the premise that evil must be starved to death. You have to take away their opportunities to do harm, and then ensure that they can’t persuade anybody to let them come back and harm again.

  7. Adrian Davies

    I have contacted the team to try to support the action taken by, but I am at a loss as to how to produce an affidavit. so far all I am being told is that the solicitor taking the case should be the one to be contacted.


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