George Osborne? a future PM? But the people hate him!

You have to laugh, don’t you?

George Osborne’s dream of being the next Prime Minister suffered a crushing blow yesterday as two separate polls confirmed he is hated by the public.

An IpsosMORI survey for the London Evening Standard found a measly 15% of voters think the millionaire Chancellor is the best person to follow David Cameron , putting him a distant third behind Boris Johnson and Theresa May.

A Survation poll for the Huffington Post also put him on 15%, 10 clear points behind frontrunner Mr Johnson .

Source: Savage polls dent George Osborne’s dreams of following Cameron as Prime Minister – Mirror Online

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15 thoughts on “George Osborne? a future PM? But the people hate him!

  1. Nick

    At the end of the day mike personality is key just like when you watch tv and Boris has that

    Jeremy corbyn also has it and it will be these 2 very different types of personality’s that the public will have to get behind

    Boris with his Sarcasm and bumbling or Jeremy corbyn with his down to earth multi faith neighborliness

    as i say both with endearing qualities and will be interesting to see how it pans out and as always it will be those that have will side with Boris and for everyone else hopefully they’ll go for labour

    as for the liberal democrats they’ll probably be wiped out with ukip as they have nothing of any value to bring to the table

    liberal democrats could only bring an extension of Conservative values as we have seen over the past 5 years and ukip can only bring bigotry to the table so that wouldn’t be any good and in reality their just a party like British National Party

    the Conservative / ukip/ BNP/ all right wing all the same as the middle eastern countries all out for themselves all out for control it’s a pity the public don’t understand politics or maybe they do and that there just plain old selfish me me me

  2. ian725

    The thought of any of them becoming PM for another 5 years gives me a feeling of despondency and sick with the nightmarish vision.

  3. Mr.Angry

    If that’s the case the 15% that think he is best in line after Cameron should stop reading the Telegraph and the daily fail and get a true understanding of what the idiot stands for, the destruction of the UK piece by piece. Obviously not been affected yet.

  4. marcusdemowbray

    I hope he does become next PM, he would come unstuck. Boris is the one who really scares me. He is popular because many people still think he’s an amusing buffoon. He is not, he is a dangerously over-ambitious person and Machiavellian schemer. We have one of his monuments being built over the road. A school was planned. The Council turned down the plans because of the crowded set of road junctions already cause log jams. Boris awarded himself the power to over-rule the council, and grant himself planning permission for the four storey school. The first set of hoardings went up saying “South Bermondsey IS GETTING IT’s New School. Then all the businesses there got their Compulsory Purchase Orders and were frogmarched off to oblivion (while the Tories claim to want boost Industrial productivity to help our trade deficit!)

    Once cleared, the final hoardings went up: it’s not a school at all, that was just a lie…it’s a 19 storey block of prestigious luxury penthouses and “villas”.

    Just to further wind us all up, all the businesses and works there were forced out. Now this millionaire’s tower has been named “Bermondsey Works”.

    Fear, distrust and hate Boris, he is much brighter than CaMoron, Gidiot and Herr Jan Dumkopf-Schmitt, and therefore much more dangerous.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. me

    I can’t see ‘White Lines’ Gideon getting anywhere, my sister is a lifelong Tory supporter and even she says: “He has a slimy face you could put your fist to.”

  6. John Gaines

    Yes, but the Tory ‘Welfare’ beggers love him to Death (soon we Hope), wherever else would they get Finance for their ever Bankrupt City ‘Businesses’ or, should we simply call a spade a spade, City scams on the Taxpayers.

    Now even Gardy Loo Gideon has gone too far;
    He is stealing Housing Association Properties, no doubt to pass them on to his fellow City Crooks:

    “A feature of the election manifesto was that a Tory Government would give tenants the right to buy properties they rent from housing associations. This upset the associations because the cut-price homes to be offered for sale belong to them not the Government — a detail that seems not to have troubled the writers of the manifesto.

    They simply saw it as an easy way to bribe a gullible electorate — and it worked.

    Housing associations provide homes for families who cannot afford to buy or even rent, and create thriving communities
    “The surprise is on the other side: why would the housing associations agree? The explanation is perhaps a big stick being swung in the background. No public threats have been made but it has apparently been made clear to the sector’s representatives that the Office for National Statistics might decide to reclassify the associations as public bodies. This might be more likely if they refused to do the Government’s bidding.

    Such a reclassification would result in the assets and liabilities of the associations going on the public-sector balance sheet, and that would effectively mean the nationalisation of the charitable assets owned by the associations — almost 2.5 million homes worth £60 billion or more.
    Has its uses does it not, even though it is only the Office for Numerical Simpletons, which invents statistics to evidence the fabrication that the UK is not down the Pan with Debt.

  7. David robinson

    George Osborne, the man who implemented The Long Term Economic Distruction of the welfare state, the armed forces, etc, etc, etc is hated ……surprise, surprise suprise !!!

  8. David Bacon

    Same people who hated Thatcher hated Osborne, but this didn’t keep her out of office with her landslide majorities on just over a third of the vote. Osborne might well be a hateful figure, but he’s an astonishingly shrewd polit.

  9. Dez

    God I think not ..totally out of touch with the real world like the rest of them…this Mr. Bean lookalike muppet on the international stage would be laughing stock.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      … and hopelessly unpopular in the UK as a whole. Let’s hope he comes forward.

  10. mrmarcpc

    He is a failure as a chancellor and he’ll be a failure as PM, he wants it, you can tell, but will the public vote for him, known the idiots that vote and breed today, they’ll probably will!

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