Fear and Loathing in Great Britain: The Real Legacy of David Cameron | stephenpaulblanchard

David Cameron’s legacy as British Prime Minister will be one of scaremongering, manipulation and segregation (and to a certain degree, swine based debauchery).

He believes in a country that cares nothing for its own citizens. He believes in a country more concerned with money than with humanity – a country that he is turning into a corporate playground with little hideaways for tax evaders.
Now you could probably say that this is just the angry rant of some anti-Tory leftie who doesn’t respect the democratic process. You’d be wrong. I accept the result of the General Election.

What I deplore is the lies Mr Cameron told to win that election.

David Cameron’s new Conservative party claims to be the party for working people; that they have the UK citizens best interests at heart. This year’s Conservative Party Conference seems to suggest otherwise, with every major speech or claim made by a senior Tory minister expertly dissected, derided and more often than not, disproven.

Theresa May stated that we need tighter controls on immigration, repeating the claim she made back in November 2010. It was seen as nothing more than an attempt by the Home Secretary to lay blame on the (apparent) state of the country on people from other countries; people whom, as it has been proven time and again, make more of a contribution to our society than they do a drain. (A full dissection of the Home Secretaries claims, and evidence to the contrary, can be found here).

Then there was the grand finale of the Conservative Party Conference, where David Cameron stood up on stage and performed the biggest work of modern day fiction over seen in a party conference. From describing Jeremy Corbyn as “a threat to national security” by cleverly quoting the new Labour leader but removing any context, (you can see Mr. Corbyn’s full thoughts, in context, here) to proudly declaring that his policies are helping the country’s poor when the opposite has been proven, he has shown nothing but barefaced contempt for the people of this country through twisting facts and figures, or just outright lying to support his own self/friends-serving narrative.

Mr Cameron has this dream of turning the UK in to a country of “high wage, low tax and low welfare”. In theory this is something that I’m in favour of, well two-thirds anyway. I mean what family doesn’t want more money in their pocket and less to go to the tax man? The thing is that we have tax for a reason; to fund our schools, our hospitals, the upkeep of our roads and waste disposal services etc. This government, as with several before, have gone out of their way to demonise tax when they should be relying on it, championing it.

Source: Fear and Loathing in Great Britain: The Real Legacy of David Cameron | stephenpaulblanchard

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5 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing in Great Britain: The Real Legacy of David Cameron | stephenpaulblanchard

  1. NMac

    Depressing to think that these selfish, greedy and obnoxious people conned their way to power on hatred and division, and still have another four and a half years left in power.

  2. mohandeer

    The taxes he seems to think are burdensome for the rich are paying his wages along with those of all elitists and privileged. Low Wages, low standard of living, low aspirations, low morale and low quality of life is what Cameron and his motley crew stand for, it is what they have taken this country to. Once, a long time ago, work paid but you could get it. Now there is no work for many people, there is no hope for even more people, and no chance of betterment for the vast majority of people. When is he going to stop misrepresenting the statistics, because from what I have heard every time he opens his mouth, all I here are lies and more lies because of his twisting of figures that have been contradicted by the facts at every turn. Detached from reality is a mild interpretation of David Cameron and the Tory Party, closer to the reality would be to describe the whole bunch as lying, fascist money grabbing elitists, hell bent on serving their own interests and those of who they think will vote for them(they give a marginal respite to the latter). Jeremy Corbyn offers a better way of life and a fiscally responsible way to fund it which David Cameron scoffed at- either DC is too thick to comprehend the complex issues regarding economics or he is running scared that the rest of the country will finally catch on and understand it, I know Osborne must be terrified that the electorate will comprehend, finally, the real alternative to his austerity agenda.

  3. philipburdekin

    Maybe a general strike would kill off this evil government but ones nowhere to be seen. Would it work?

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