Veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher has died

Words cannot express how sorry I am to learn of the passing of this towering Labour politician.

Michael Meacher was a great source of hope for This Writer – and no doubt many others – during the New Labour years; hope that Labour would turn the corner, away from the neoliberalism of Tony Blair and his immediate successors, and back to the socialism of its origins.

Vox Political often publicised and commented upon his blog, which was a Left-wing beacon amid the rumblings of a mainstream media that too often panders to the uptight Right.

It is bitterly ironic that he has passed away, just as this hope seems likely to become reality. We shall all miss him.

Michael Meacher, the former Labour environment minister who served in the governments of Harold Wilson, James Callaghan and Tony Blair, has died aged 75 after a short illness.

The MP for Oldham West and Royton kept his seat with a 14,738 majority at the 2015 general election and was one of a small number of MPs to support Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership contest.

He described Corbyn’s election as a “seminal day in British politics, marking the coming together of the two great conditions needed for transformational change”.

As a backbencher, Meacher wrote almost daily blogposts about the politics of the day, often making the case for anti-austerity economics.

Source: Veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher dies aged 75 | Politics | The Guardian

17 thoughts on “Veteran Labour MP Michael Meacher has died

  1. AndyH

    I wondered why his blog had gone quiet. A decent man who cared more about constituents than personal power. He shall be sadly missed. His determination and doggedness though has demonstrated what a difference fighting back can make. Corbyn’s election as leader is his legacy to the Labour Party.

  2. Nick

    It is very sad mike i spoke to his Secretary last month to say how pleased things in general were going despite the next few years would be difficult with David Cameron as prime minister who has a answer for everything that is positive but in reality things are far from normal

    A country is judged by REALITY of what takes place within it’s borders and the uk’s is terrible for many who have to live with the tory spin of greatness whereas the reality it has been a nightmare for many at best and death to many sick and disabled at worse

    My very sincerest condolences to Michael Meacher’s family and friends at this very sad time

  3. Jeffery Davies

    Sad sad sad a mp who listened to those who were being abused will be sadly missed by very vefy many rip m and m rip jeff3

  4. Mr.Angry

    Mike I am mortified I have followed him for years, one of the greatest ever, I am in shock, I only wrote a thank you to him 3-4 weeks back. I have congratulated and expressed my thanks for his strengths and support he has given to the citizens of this country. He gave so much of himself, this is so very very sad, what a dedicated man.

    I really am devastated at this tragic news, my condolences to his family, another loss of a great man whom truly believed in his fellow man one of the few. God I am choked.

  5. Rik

    Shocked and sad to hear of his loss,a genuine old school politician
    who spoke his mind..
    Thank You M.P.

  6. Guy Ropes

    Even someone from the opposite end of the spectrum of British politics could appreciate his worth to the Country. I motored over 100 miles to see him in one of the committee rooms at Westminster last year and bought his book ‘The state we need’. He seemed vastly underused by Labour.

  7. simon

    So sorry to here of this true Labour MP who fort for the working people in society and wanted to help those that needed a way to put there word across to this government who say they understand. not. We have lost another lager than life rue person who fort to make things and society a better place. R I P.

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