Over Half Of Brits Forced To Borrow Money To Pay For Food Or Bills | Welfare Weekly

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people who borrowed money to pay for food, housing or utility bills over the past six months, according to The Financial Well-being Survey produced by Debt Advisory Centre.

More than half (57%) of the 2,000 people questioned said they were forced to rely on credit to cover their grocery bill, rent or mortgage, or their water, gas or electricity bills.

Looking at overall financial well-being, 30% of those questioned classified themselves as ‘struggling’, and a fifth said their financial wellbeing is ‘worse’ now compared with 12 months ago. A quarter of consumers said they are now more comfortable than they were a year ago.

Source: Over Half Of Brits Forced To Borrow Money To Pay For Food Or Bills | Welfare Weekly

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12 thoughts on “Over Half Of Brits Forced To Borrow Money To Pay For Food Or Bills | Welfare Weekly

  1. Mr.Angry

    People are being pushed to the brink something will snap shortly, this shower are not fit to run a garden party, pompous, lying, contemptuous,evil, pocket lining, lily lived bunch of self serving cretins.

    Four more years of this, tens of thousands will die under this lot, many will either freeze or starve to death.

    Debt will increase tenfold and the rise in unemployment will be an understatement.

    The UK will lose it’s identity completely we will become the waste bin of the world whilst those responsible will be sending off their profits offshore.

  2. NMac

    The unscrupulous Tory loan sharks are waiting for those people who are unfortunately in this position.

  3. CBS

    The UK lost it’s identity with the years and years of a disgraceful Labour government full of illegal wars, borrowing money they couldn’t pay back and taking us to the brink of becoming a bust nation and the Tories get the blame?!?!?! Where I live we have many people ripping off the system who basically don’t work, have too many kids that they can’t pay for so sponge off the state and yet take themselves off on pathetic anti austerity marches. Can’t afford kids and don’t like the new rules then simple, don’t have so many bloody kids!

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      This has to be a silly joke, or a dare, right?
      People don’t really believe the nonsense you’ve just spouted about “spongers”, do they?
      That was just a silly Tory ‘divide and rule’ ploy. Are you trying to tell us all that you fell for it?

      1. CBS

        To actually believe that there aren’t spongers off the state out there is more of a silly joke. I know people with 3 or 4 kids with BMW’s on the drive and LCD TV’s in the living room who stick two fingers up to the rest of us. That’s not fabrication that’s fact.

        I was made redundant recently and cannot get any benefits because I had too much in savings and yet I paid taxes to keep the work shy in benefits and when the government does something about that they moan,. That’s the scandal.

        You can’t honestly tell me that years and years of Labour rule was successful can you!?!?!?!?

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Nobody thinks that there aren’t people trying to claim fraudulently, but we all know exactly what the percentage of fraud and error in the benefits system is: 0.7 per cent.
        It is miniscule. Your anecdotal evidence is worthless – we’ve heard it all before and seen it debunked as well. For all we know, you may be a Tory stooge, trying to affect readers of this site with disinformation.
        Your story indicates that you have a grudge to bear against people who rely on benefits because they are genuinely in need. You did not pay taxes to “keep the workshy in benefits” – you paid them to ensure there is a safety net for people who need it.
        Are we to understand you are pleased that current DWP policies are leading to many thousands of deaths? THAT is the scandal.
        Labour’s period in office was successful, yes – or at least, more successful in terms of safeguarding the vulnerable than anything we’ve had since May 2010.
        Look up the evidence, if you can see past your own prejudice.

      3. CBS

        I’m far from a Tory stooge. I came here because someone shared your site on f/b and I found it laughable because they rely on benefits because they refuse to work. Sure I accept that many need a safety net and granted they need help but at the same time there are many who don’t exactly help themselves when they have several mouths to feed that they can’t afford. I have never been earning enough to support children so I have never had any.

        I am far from prejudiced, I just do not agree with some of your views and personally feel that Labour ran a shambolic government. The electorate must have felt similar as the election proved. However I can understand that you do not agree with my views which is fine it’s a free country. We all have different opinions so we will agree to disagree.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        Do you know for certain that these people who “have several mouths to feed that they can’t afford” conceived those children in the knowledge that they could not afford to support them? If so, how do you know it? What is your personal knowledge of their private financial affairs and how did you come to have it?
        The realities aren’t as simple as the view that you are putting forward, which is why I won’t accept your comments at face value.
        Your opinion about Labour is your own and you are entitled to it, but your comment on the electorate is questionable as less than a quarter of voters supported the Conservative Party. In fact, a larger percentage did not vote at all, believing that the Labour Party as it was before the election was too similar to the Tories in policy and philosophy. These are the people who are being attracted to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in their thousands.

  4. mrmarcpc

    The tories will be lapping all of this up, they’ll be loving it, the more of us in debt, the better and they won’t stop until all of us are the same, in poverty and dead, will keep up the spin that they’re doing the right thing and it’s good for the country but it’s only good for themselves and their scummy cronies!

  5. ian725

    Well said Mike its a tired old claim by Tories – which CBS undoubtedly is..a Far Right Tory, if indeed he bothered to vote at all. Must have been under a Conservative Government that he became redundant , its towards them he should target his anger and frustrations.

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