Shameless Philip Davies claimed parking on expenses before blocking free hospital parking for carers

Shameless Tory Philip Davies , who blocked a bid to give carers free parking at hospitals , charges his own parking fees to the taxpayer.The backbencher sabotaged a Labour bill, which would have scrapped the controversial fees, with a lengthy speech in the Commons.

He droned on for 90 minutes, leaving no time for MPs to vote.

The Shipley MP claimed £11.67 for parking in 2014-15 and £16 in 2013-14.

Davies, who was criticised last week after calling for a debate on ‘International Men’s Day’, claimed £7 for parking while attending the Bradford District Inspirational Women Awards.

Some of the charges were for as little as £1.

Davies also claimed parking fees for meetings with local councillors and constituents.

Source: Shameless Tory Philip Davies claimed parking on expenses before blocking free hospital parking for carers – Mirror Online

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21 thoughts on “Shameless Philip Davies claimed parking on expenses before blocking free hospital parking for carers

  1. Markg

    What do you expect from a Tory gobsh***. The Tories are all criminal parasites and think they are entitled and better than everyone else even though they are all either interbred silver spooned mummy’s boys with sexual preferences to farm animals, or get their sexual kicks by killing the sick, disabled and poor and poncing around their bedroom in an SS uniform complete with French knickers and suspenders listening to bloody Doris Day. Ian f***ing Duncan rhymes with shunt Smith. Arrghhh. Rant over.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The opinions expressed in the above comment are those of the person writing them and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of This Blog.
      If we had some concrete evidence, however, it would be a different story.

  2. AndyH

    If anyone is unconvinced that we should be allowed to recall MPs – I refer them to the aforementioned ******…

  3. Ian Mc

    Pathetic article akin to what you expect in the Daily Mail. He claimed legitimate expenses as we should be expecting our MPs to do. Now if you had been castigating him for filibusting then fair play, but you completely missed the opportunity.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      In fact I had already castigated him for filibustering.
      I am astonished that you have missed the point so badly. Can’t you see the hypocrisy in denying, not only members of the public, but carers who would be attending hospital as part of their duties, free parking while ensuring that he doesn’t pay for his own?
      If you can’t, you really need to take a good, hard look at your own priorities.
      I’m amazed people still think comments like this are acceptable behaviour.

    2. Gary Barker

      ‘Legitimate’ ha ha so that makes everything ok then. Just because it is legal does not make it right – rich people write the laws for the benefit of rich people, not poor people.

      1. Dave Treasurer

        Exactly, those who think themselves the elite, the old boys club, write the laws to benefit themselves.
        They take from everyone else while conning people into voting for them using lies and scare tactics, and again the British Public fell for it.
        Even if it was a minority of votes they got in by, there were enough who voted for them to mess up the lives of the majority of us.
        WAKE UP PEOPLE, you vote Tory you get sh*t on by Tories, unless you are one of the Tory backing elite and then everyone else’s pockets are open to you.

  4. Alan

    I emailed Mr Davies and received the usual tory snotty reply. he said had I read his speech and that if 100 mps had bothered to turn up the vote would have gone thro automatically?
    I replied I have a life and didn’t want to waste it ploughing thro his honorable speech.

  5. ghost whistler

    There’s little that’s genuinely shocking about the behaviour of the tories these days, but this guy’s conduct has succeeded.

    It’s not the fact that he disagrees with what is otherwise a good principle (and not for the first time), it’s that he and his cohorts behaved like playground bullies talking out the bill. He could have engaged in a civilised debate and exercised his vote. But no, he’s a tory and so it’s his right to screw over the rest of us.

    It’s painfully clear, yet again, that our democracy and our government is beyond saving. The only answer at this point has to be revolution.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      Why not just change the rules around private members’ bills so that filibusters are no longer allowed?

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        But we’re not talking about the whole system – just the quirk of British political debate that allows one person to drone on for more than an hour when time is of the essence.
        Even if we were discussing the whole shemozzle, sometimes baby steps can achieve more.

  6. Ian Mc

    MP claims parking expenses, whilst doing his job, there is no story unless he was claiming unlawfully.

    Carry on delegitimising the process of claiming expenses and very soon all workplace expenses become an easy target (especially for the rich and powerful) and those, for example, carers employed by local authorities and private companies on pitiful wages will see their expenses come under threat. My Tory MP is proud that he claims very little in expenses. The fact he is bankrolled by private backers in his party seems to make that okay. It is not okay for me.

    What Davies did in filibustering was shameful. Claiming parking expenses was not.

    As it happens I think the private members bill was flawed in construction, but in principle it was correct. It should have been voted on and amended/improved in committee.

    Finally, if calling someone stupid is the level you debate at Gary, I think you lose before you start.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      MP enjoys free parking in the course of his work, while blocking others from receiving the same consideration. That’s the story; don’t try to spin it.
      Nobody is running down the process of claiming expenses – it isn’t what he is taking so much as the fact that he is taking it, and thereby enjoying free parking, while denying the same consideration to others. Let’s not forget that carers are far less well paid than MPs, so they would need the money more.

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