An appeal to ‘sniping’ Blairites, moderates, Labour grandees etc: STOP.

It's not an olive branch but maybe the troublemakers in Labour will accept a rose. After all, it is the party's symbol.

It’s not an olive branch but maybe the troublemakers in Labour will accept a rose. After all, it is the party’s symbol.

The following message appeared on the Jeremy Corbyn 4 PM Facebook page on the evening of November 20 and sums up what an ever-growing number of people in the Labour Party are thinking.

We’ve had enough of a certain number of MPs and so-called ‘grandees’ following their own agenda rather than supporting the aims and objectives of the party of which they are still nominally a part, and this message states our case eloquently.

The comment about party members having been silenced is topical, as Jeremy Corbyn himself was due to give a speech today (November 21) announcing measures to reverse that and allow the party’s grassroots a much greater say in decision-making.

When that happens, the people at whom this message is directed will find out exactly the amount of influence they are still able to exert in a party that is rapidly becoming what it was meant to be.

This Writer hopes they will come to their senses before then – and that this message helps them do so.

As the campaign page for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, we have accepted the responsibility to adhere to Jeremy’s call for a new kind of politics, that engages in serious debate rather than personal attacks. We intend to stick to that, not simply out of loyalty to Jeremy, but because over the summer, it became patently obvious that this is what the overwhelming majority of the party members and supporters want. Debate is good, as is opinion, however strongly held. But it must be respectful, comradely – and never descend into abuse.

So we didn’t really want to engage in this. At all. But here’s the thing. For too long, the voice of party members has been silenced. That stopped the day Jeremy Corbyn was elected. As he said throughout the campaign, this was not about a man, it was about a movement. So we say this to express what we believe is the view of the vast majority of Labour Party members. We say this to give them a voice.

What we have seen from a small section of the Parliamentary Party and some New Labour “grandees” recently isn’t opinion and it’s not about debate. It is a constant sniping, undermining and, at times, bitter attack. It’s designed to create an atmosphere of chaos. We are here to tell you that we’re sick of it. Not only is it now boring, but it is entirely destructive instead of constructive.

Of course, it’s just a tiny minority of the Parliamentary party who have chosen to indulge in such attacks, but they are a loud minority. The reason that they are so loud is because they have the ear of the rightwing and tabloid press: those journalists and commentators who have no interest in the future of the Labour Party or the views of the membership. It’s easy to get a column inch or two in those rags. You are doing them a service. However, you are doing the membership of this party a massive disservice – the membership who voted not just for Jeremy himself, but the policies he stood for. It’s time to acknowledge that, and work for the common good. That means targeting the Tories, not our leader. That means targeting poverty and injustice, not the members of the party.

That’s why we respectfully ask you to stop the off-the-record briefing, the on-the-record attacks and the machinations behind the scenes. Do your job and represent us.

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14 thoughts on “An appeal to ‘sniping’ Blairites, moderates, Labour grandees etc: STOP.

  1. ian725

    Very well said ,echos the thoughts of many of us, including those (and there are many) who are not members or affiliated to the Labour Party. Get together join with the SNP and the others to form what most want … a creditable and effective opposition against this monstrous Government.

      1. Graham Loftus

        Not if we are to defeat the Tory Party, we must take every opportunity to get them out of power so as long as we use a ‘long spoon’.

      2. Roy Beiley

        Why not use the SNP as a tactical weapon to minimise the adverse effects that unbridled Tory policies will and are now causing? There must be areas where Labour and SNP can agree in bringing about social justice. Explore these areas. Advertise the discussions widely. Get the Tories worried that they can no longer assume a Commons majority. They will soon get wobbly. We need a credible opposition. We need someone who can be as convincing as Cameron is at persuading the public about issues. Cameron is an excellent presenter of “facts” whether true or lies. Nicola Sturgeon is also a good orator. Remember, divided we fall.

      3. Mike Sivier Post author

        Cameron can always exercise a Commons majority – it’s what the good public of the UK supported.
        The only way to stop that is to persuade Tories to vote against their own government.

      4. ian725

        As far as I see this Government do NOT have a mandate from the people of the UK. Far more have voted against Cameron and his Cronies, still more do not want them. We need to Galvanise the British Public especially in England to the truth and reality under these monsters. All other parties should willingly stand together in Opposition against the Government before its too late and show the People that there still can be effective opposition. This may just give the British people enough incentive to go to the polling booths and vote the Tories out next time around.

      5. Katherine Carver

        Mike: “The only way to stop that is to persuade Tories to vote against their own government.” I trust you mean those that voted for the Tories rather than Tory voters ? The issue is that the previous Labour Party seemed to have bent over backwards to appeal to Tory Voters (those that held on to core Tory principles) by not being soft on immigration and benefit scroungers and not being hard of business etc. I agree that the current Labour Party need to win over some of those that voted Tory because the opposition never really explained to them what the real issues were. Again, this will take time but has to happen if we are to have a meaningful democracy. The other issue is all those (46%) who did not vote and who are arguably more likely to vote Labour if they could be encouraged to vote. Not a panacea I know as most are in Labour strongholds and any win gained here could be counterbalanced by the new procedures for voter registration but these voters also need to be considered.

      6. Mike Sivier Post author

        No, I mean Tory MPs. In order to overcome the Conservative majority in Parliament, Tory MPs must be persuaded to vote against their own government. It does happen, it has happened, it will happen again. But it’s a hard thing to achieve.
        I think the current Labour Party shouldn’t be concerned about who voted Tory, Labour or whatever – the important thing is to present a convincing argument for Labour’s policies. That didn’t happen – and won’t happen – with the pale-Tory tripe that’s been put forward by the Blairites and right-wingers. It’s time to go in a new direction, say “This is the alternative we’re offering – it’s a genuine alternative, not a Tory policy that’s been toned down – please support it.” I think we’re in agreement on that.

  2. Kasey carver

    totally agree: this is the post I sent yesterday. Apologies for the replication but hopefully an indication that many of us feel this way: With regard to opposition within the Labour Party, I consider this to be disirable if not essential when it is confined to discussion and debate. When it is manifested by using the right wing press to spread meaningless muck for personal gain, it is deeply underhand and totally counterproductive. I previously had some sympathy for the Blairites who genuinely thought that their strategies had the best chance of winning an election given an electorate which is so ill informed. My personal preference was to have a go, given the unique opportunity that Corbyn represented, of waking up the electorate that seem to be sleepwalking into a totalitarian state. High risk I accept but it feels like our last chance of avoiding, at the very best, a political environment that was permanently set very right of centre. If the Blairites were serious about socialism, they would be working proactively within the Party to exploit some amazing new strengths and helping to resolve some significant weaknesses. I am now questioning whether many of the Blairites MPs have any socialist principles left at all and suspect that their main concern is to get out of the wilderness to protect their careers. I mean the current situation is not doing much for their chances of picking up some nice juicy directorships is it ?

  3. Jeffery Davies

    No thanks il stay with jc but the blair babies are causing to much trouble and something must be done has they dont speak for me or others but speak rather for greed all part of the tory mantra jeff3

  4. daijohn

    Absolutely, and it’s not just correct about the right-wing media it is disappointing that the BBC seems happy to join the party. Livermore’s whinge was the last straw.

  5. Lea

    Labour members, and especially Labour MPs,
    Should support each other.
    Back the party’s principles
    And back the leader,
    For the sake of the people of Britain.

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