War on the Lords? Cameron has declared war on DEMOCRACY

When this happens, it seems certain the mass media will all be pointing at whatever’s happening in Syria (or elsewhere).

So this is how democracy dies – with everybody looking the other way.

David Cameron’s lasting gift to his party will be the gerrymandering of the constitution, unprecedented in modern times. This week it emerges that in revenge for the vote against cuts to tax credits, the already weak powers of the House of Lords are to be neutered. The Lords need radical democratic reform, but instead Lord Strathclyde has been put in charge of silencing it.

David Cameron castigated the peers of acting unconstitutionally over tax credits, affronted that his government – a Tory government! – could be held to account by the unelected chamber. Tories always had a safe Lords majority, while every Labour government always faced a hostile Tory second chamber. Now all but 91 of the hereditaries have been sent away, in an hour of need, Cameron can no long summon backwoods peers from their estates. He has to win over the crossbenchers and make a good case for legislation – a test that tax credits failed abysmally.

Strathclyde will recommend later this month that the Lords lose their veto over delegated or secondary legislation – statutory instruments for putting through regulations. Worse still, the government plans to dress up much more of its legislation as “secondary”, which leaves the House of Commons very little chance of amending it either.

Source: Cameron has declared war on the Lords. Let the ermine rebellion begin | Polly Toynbee | Opinion | The Guardian

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11 thoughts on “War on the Lords? Cameron has declared war on DEMOCRACY

  1. ian725

    You are quite right Mike when there is a War or Strife these Guys use it to get their way when all are looking at other problems. This particular Tory Government will be merciless and will stitch us up, when all are looking the other way.

  2. Florence

    Perhaps the HoC could stand up to the erosion of democracy through the use of secondary legislation? Cameron / Osbourne have removed so much from HoC debate and amendment, and has created the need for the HoL intervention. Attacking the HoL must be resisted if the HoC is no longer doing its work effectively and democratically.

  3. Harry

    To be honest, a government corporation such as we have here in the UK can hardly be called a democracy: Didn’t the current bunch of public enemies get into power with a laughable share of the vote? How did that happen?

    Following world war two, which afforded the cover to turn UK gov into UK Corp, things were set in motion with the view to create a “World Gov Corporation. Among these things in (1946/7 from memory?), the Legislative Instruments Act, and the United Nations Act. These evils permitted in part Corporations to make and enforce regulations using consent, obtained by trickery. A catch 22 called: Voter Registration. Why a catch 22? Because you have to vote to have a say: But the “Act” of registration gives away your power to the corporation.

    When you “Register” you Car or your Motorcycle, what are you doing? You are surrendering your rights of ownership to the Gov Corporation. When you “Register” your child, what are you doing? You are giving away parental control to a bunch of shady criminals. Why do you think these compartmentalised numbskulls from social services are able to steal children?

    I have a copy of a freedom of information reply from Torbay Council. In the early days when it was thought a reply was mandatory. The council was askes “if a child was not ‘registered’ would social services have the power to seize the child”?

    The answer came back, a monosyballic unambiguous “NO”.

    The old TPUC site run by John might still have the letter archived. If not I might be able to find it.

    Once the full nature of those that we permit to govern us is in the open, and people become aware of the level of deceit and trickery necessary to maintain that control, we can become free. Not until then.

    Mike is trying really hard. Hat tip to you Mike.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      What IS all this nonsense about government being a corporation? It’s based on a misconception, I think – the same as with the different police services. Someone said they were corporations but I did some research and discovered they’re not.
      What you’re putting forward here, Harry, is more of that nonsense ‘Freemen of the Land’ stuff. Registering with a public authority (not a corporation) doesn’t give away any rights of ownership and I would like to see the UK law that suggests it does.

  4. Dez

    I guess this is like an action replay of how the Nazi party rose to power luckily we do not have any global takeover ambitions as our military power has been sold out long ago. ho hum goodbye democracy and Freedom of Information etc etc. This is one time the Press could actually do something useful and wake up the population from their slumber…….

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