This is a more-or-less transparent tactic by the Conservative Government to push the cost of local services onto individuals, rather than having them supported from general taxation.

The result will be self-evident; local authorities with a larger population of wealthy council taxpayers will receive higher-quality services, while those with more poor people will suffer worsening services, or the loss of some services altogether.

This ties in with the social cleansing that has been related to the Bedroom Tax, of course.

Local authority services will become a postcode lottery and the Conservative Government will blame those authorities, rather than accepting any responsibility itself. Look at the way David Cameron demanded cuts to backroom services that were already long gone from his local Oxfordshire council, after he discovered what his cuts mean for people in his own constituency.

Councils have warned they may be charging more for services despite some already increasing such revenue by more than 100% in three years.
Government figures show councils raised more than £11bn in fees, charges and sales in 2014/2015.

The overall increase in fees and charges income has been 3% since 2012/2013.

The Local Government Association said councils faced a difficult “balancing act” when setting fees and charges.

The charges cover a variety of services including car parking, adult social care, planning and country parks.

Source: Local government fees and charges ‘likely to rise’ – BBC News