Call for fracking to get started in UK

It would be schizoid of the Conservative Government to support the commencement of fracking in the UK so soon after the historic Paris climate change agreement – if David Cameron had done any more at the Paris conference than pass around the vol-au-vents.

As it is, the Conservatives have made it perfectly clear that, as far as they are concerned, everyone involved in the agreement can go hang and for that reason we should be very concerned that fracking may start in the UK very soon.

If you need reasons to fear fracking, looking up previous Vox Political articles on the subject or read the source article for the excerpt below.

If you think it’s a good idea because your energy bill may be reduced, think again.

The UK needs to start fracking to establish the economic impact of shale gas, an industry-funded body has said.

The Task Force on Shale Gas says only after fracking has begun will it be possible to determine how much gas can be recovered.

It said shale could create thousands of jobs and improve UK energy security, but doubted if it would cut prices.

However, the report was criticised by Greenpeace, coming just days after a climate deal was agreed in Paris.

“Whatever planet the UK fracking lobby inhabits, it can’t be the same one where world leaders just reached a historic deal that puts fossil fuels on the wrong side of history,” Greenpeace said.

Source: Call for fracking to get started in UK – BBC News

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8 thoughts on “Call for fracking to get started in UK

  1. Thomas

    I have no desire to be able to light the water that comes out of my taps and then have to pay through the nose for bottled water every day, thank you very much.

  2. Mr.Angry

    Only reason DC attended was for the free french cuisine, he will support the fracking companies 100%.

    He is a two faced PR failed actor and wasted tax payers money on going to Paris no doubt in a luxury jet yet again.

    Does he think we are totally stupid, it appears he does. I support Greenpeace at every stage against this destruction of our planet.

    1. John Gaines

      They hang the man, and flog the woman,
      That steals the goose from off the common;
      But let the greater villain loose,
      That steals the common from the goose.

      — English folk poem
      “English Enclosures and Soviet Collectivization: Two Instances of an Anti-Peasant Mode of Development,

      Historian Joseph R. Stromberg observes,

      An understanding of the Enclosure Acts is necessary to place aspects of the Industrial Revolution in their proper context. The Industrial Revolution is often accused of driving poor laborers en masse out of the countryside and into urban factories, where they competed for a pittance in wages and lived in execrable circumstances.

      But the opportunity that a factory job represented could only have drawn workers if it offered a better situation than what they were leaving. If laborers were driven to the cities, then some other factor(s) must have been at work.

      It takes a moment but we get there in time. It puzzled me as to the URGENCY to get ‘Fracking’ particularly when the price of GAS, or whatever Poison, they might pick up, would not cover their Investments; then the proverbial Penny dropped, it is an extension of the Tory Enclosure 2015 Plan and sits alonside the never, never Railways and Airport Extensions that allow the Tory filth & Friends to grab Prime LAND across the country.
      After all, Land is the only mega profit and treble secure commodity left in the UK.

      1. John Gaines


        Tories’ shift on the market price

        It may well be my lack of economic nous that’s at fault. But can anyone explain why, if David Cameron wants to sell £4 billion of the taxpayers’ holding in Lloyds Bank, he proposes to do so at five per cent below the market price? I thought Tories believed the market price was, by very definition, what would shift the goods.


        The ‘Market Price’ is the CON-servative’s Holy Grail in keeping wages below the poverty line and Hex-ecutives, whose Corporations are only surviving upon the Taxpayer (you, they don’t pay any) handouts (Welfare, to the likes of you and me, except that we can’t get it, we just pay for it) they call it Quantitative Easing…I call it, what it is, theft from the Taxpayer.

        Despite its sophisticated-sounding name, QE is nothing more complicated than the FED/BOE/ECB buying “assets” from commercial Banksters and other bankrupt private financial institutions. I put assets in quotes because they do not buy things like land, Stradivarius violins, diamonds, gold, or silver from these institutions, but rather various forms of DEBT.

        The main forms of debt purchased are Treasury bills/notes/bonds and Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) paper.

        And, they are all ruddy useless ‘SKUNK’ Bonds, gottit!

  3. C winslow

    NZ is also starting deep sea oil drilling off our coastline which will endanger whales, dolphins etc. just after the Paris climate change talks where prime minister John Key spoke on how we all have to do our part. He is a hypocrit, so let it be known that all this talk is just talk and no real commitment. How sad!

  4. Dez

    Another nice little earner for the Camoron and his faithful bolly boys. However, like the banks, the clean up costs for the rank ‘n file to pick up the tab for will be high. With fresh clean water always being rationed first sign of the sun appearing vast quantities of aquas will be contaminated by these dirty frackers…… not a good idea. Actually our water is probably more precious than their fracking kack especially with the UK population growth.. However as usual the Cons have their blinkers stuck firmly to their heads and are a law unto themselves and do what ever they want …. especially when the money trough is staring at their snouts. .

  5. Mr David Penson

    Quite right Mike, these people call themselves Conservatives yet what on earth are they Conserving , absolutely Sweet Fanny Adams as far as I can see, nothing like the one Nation Conservatives of old, they make me physically sick with their self righteous preaching whilst at the same time dismantling everything of value and goodness in our society, the tragedy is most people seem to be blissfully unaware of the damage they are doing both environmentally and morally to this country.
    David Penson Bracknell

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