UK in ‘one of the great reforming decades’, says David Cameron

Dim Dave: He was reading from an autocue, and it is doubtful he even wrote the words himself.

The UK is in “one of the great reforming decades” in its history, David Cameron has said in a new year’s message which pledged to crack down on Islamic State sympathisers.

“For me, there are no new year’s resolutions, just the resolve to continue delivering what we promised in our manifesto,” said the prime minister, naming the problems of low home ownership, poverty, poor social mobility and extremism as his four priorities in 2016.

He’s working hard to increase them all.

Look at the language he uses: “If we really get to grips with these problems” – there’s no intention to end them in that sentence.

On ConservativeHome, he wrote: “I genuinely believe we are in the middle of one of the great reforming decades in our history – what I would call a ‘turnaround decade’, where we can use the platform of our renewed economic strength to go for real social renewal.” That’s right – a turn away from any hope for social equality and back to the days of inequality, poverty and hopelessness for the many, privilege and sycophancy for the few.

In a jab at Jeremy Corbyn, Dim Dave said: “While others are on protest march, we remain on the long walk to a greater Britain” … for the rich.

Perhaps we should all bear in mind the fact that this speech came on the same day it was revealed that a Conservative MP had written to police in support of a Bishop who was later found guilty of sexually abusing vulnerable young men. That is what the Conservative Party supports people with power doing whatever they like to those with none.

It is the duty of every right-thinking citizen of the United Kingdom to hobble the Conservative Government wherever it tries to spread its creed of restriction, subjugation and impoverishment – not just in 2016 but forever.

Source: UK in ‘one of the great reforming decades’, says David Cameron | Politics | The Guardian

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8 thoughts on “UK in ‘one of the great reforming decades’, says David Cameron

  1. John

    Well…. at least the words “terrorist sympathisers” weren’t in the speech! And as far as the speech itself…. well, in fairness to Dave, I believe/reckon that the Queen won’t write her own stuff?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      But, of course, the Queen doesn’t inflict her political party’s policies on the rest of us, either.

    2. Tony Fourinone

      Her Majesty does write her own speech, it’s the job of the production team to edit in the pictures around it. At least she doesn’t take the John Cleese part in the “I know my position” sketch.

  2. casalealex

    What a start to a new year – more of the same codswallop – the mendacity of this megalomaniac reaches unbelievably new heights. Reform means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc. This government’s so-called reforms are in fact the most injurious and destructive intentions of totalitarianism.

  3. Dez

    They have aborted most of their manifesto lies so its another year of the same Cons chaos lurching from one home goal to another……..

  4. Christine Bergin

    Great reform my ****. I hope never again to see pictures and rports of hoards of armed police on the streets of our cities! If what we are devolving into is a juvenile, gun-happy culture like USA then this so called government is doing us all a great disservice.
    Mark me down as an objector.

  5. mohandeer

    ““I genuinely believe we are in the middle of one of the great reforming decades in our history – what I would call a ‘turnaround decade’, where we can use the platform of our renewed economic strength to go for real social renewal.” WE HAVE NO ECONOMIC STRENGTH!

    The prime minister added 2016 would be a “test of our mettle” as he pledged action to tackle the “poisonous narrative” which led some Britons to turn against their country.THE POISONOUS NARRATIVE IS HIS

    The Prime Minister said: “These are the big challenges of our age, some of the biggest our nation has ever faced and this year is a test of our mettle – whether we put up with poverty or put an end to it; ignore the glass ceiling or smash it; abandon the tenant or help make them a homeowner; appease the extremist or take apart their ideology piece by piece.HE AND OSBORNE CAUSED THE POVERTY, THERE IS NO CEILING FOR THE ALREADY RICH ONLY A BIGGER HOLE IN THE FLOOR FOR THE POOR AND HE IS THE ONE KICKING PEOPLE OUT OF SECURE TENANCIES AND MAKING THEM HOMELESS.
    He is a sociopathic and inveterate liar and truly believes if he repeats the lies often enough people will be brainwashed into believing them.
    Every Wednesday in PMQ’s we hear the same repetitive lie of “a stronger economy” in answer to a question he cannot answer honestly, like the stylus stuck on a broken record. We have just learned that Osborne cannot reduce the deficit as promised by 2020 and there are not enough people working on a decent wage to enable progressive taxes to fill the coffers, which means that regressive taxes unfairly biased against the poorest but favouring the richest must be levied by the councils. We have lost most of our industry and manufacturing and almost everything else that could have contributed towards the state has already been privatised so big non taxable bonuses which only enrich the few will be filling those coffers either.
    There is only one way out of the hole Osborne has dug for himself and the British people and that is a complete reversal of his irresponsible and reckless “austerity” experiment, which has gone badly wrong for some 20 million people at the bottom of the ladder. Dave knows it and so do the people being made to carry the burden of Osborne’s folly so why does he insist on insulting so many with his totally transparent lies? He really is the most incorrigible and inept tyrant.
    Rant over – he just vexes me so much.

  6. Patrick J Walsh

    What wound me up was the dismissal of Corbyn’s speech from the BBC’s coverage with a sniffy comment on how much his voice echoed. Obviously the most important factor.

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