Children in camps in Europe will not be among those being given refuge under the new initiative [Image: AFP].

David Cameron is slipping – his vindictiveness is increasingly evident.

Can there be any doubt that the only reason he won’t help refugees who have fled to Europe is that Jeremy Corbyn has said that he should?

Still, this is a baby-step in the right direction, and we should praise all the organisations and individuals who have pushed him into taking it, because a Conservative government certainly would not have done it independently.

The UK is to give sanctuary to unaccompanied child refugees from Syria and other conflict zones but will not take in anyone who has fled to Europe.

The Home Office says it will work with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to identify “exceptional cases” of children in Syria and neighbouring countries who should be given shelter.

Campaigners have urged the UK to accept 3,000 under-18s directly from Europe.

But £10m will be given instead to help vulnerable minors across the continent.

Campaigners welcomed the announcement but Labour warned about a “false distinction between refugees in the region and refugees in Europe” and UKIP said £10m was a “miniscule amount”.

Source: UK to give sanctuary to unaccompanied refugee children – BBC News