It’s time to help the thousands of Tory-voting ‘Nobs’ who don’t know any better

Nob: Do you know anybody who fits this description? If so, they need help!

Nob: Do you know anybody who fits this description? If so, they need help!

This infographic, found on Facebook, could not be more timely.

When Tory leader David Cameron used a racist slur on Holocaust Memorial Day in order to hide a lie about the Labour Party

When his lieutenant Iain Duncan Smith appealed against a ruling that he must not persecute a rape victim for having a panic room…

When the same Iain Duncan Smith tried to cut sickness benefit payments, for no reason other than to hurt those receiving them…

When the Conservative Government wages war against one regime that freely beheads people while supporting another that does the same – to the extent of helping it attack civilians in a neighbouring country…

When the Conservative Government sells off public assets but the service offered by privatised utilities deteriorates

When a Conservative cabinet minister makes a public display of his own incompetence during a court case…

When a Conservative official has to step down to allow a serious inquiry into bullying that caused one man’s death to proceed unimpeded…

When we see additional indictments against the Conservatives happening every day, and working-class people are still prepared to support them…

Something has to change.

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21 thoughts on “It’s time to help the thousands of Tory-voting ‘Nobs’ who don’t know any better

  1. Florence

    A lot of people on various groups on FB have agreed that while it is funny, it’s not going to hep us explain to the “targets” why they should change sides, if we think they’re “nobs”

      1. Florence

        Perhaps. But going by anecdotal information I have had through a number of sources, including family, FB groups, etc there are a lot of Tory voters, even those who voted UKIP, who are already extremely ashamed at what has / is being done, and regret their votes in 2010 and 2015. Many are older, life-long Tory voters who will never see FB, but have declared the scales have fallen from their eyes, and are joining the Corbyn movement and Labour. These are people who have never joined a party before either. If someone is to be moved politically, I just don’t think calling them nobs is actually helpful is showing that they will be welcome on our side of the argument.

        I’m quite happy to use any expletive possible for the govt and their minions and their press, and die-hard nobs of course.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Alternatively, if they are made to realise that people around them consider them to be ‘nobs’ for having helped inflict the Tories on us for another five years, it hammers home the message that they need to be ashamed.
        And if you look at the text of the article, it actually delivers a very serious message.

      3. Florence

        Mike, we can agree to disagree on this. I know it’s serious message, it’s life and death for some. It’s also a serious endeavor to break the propaganda hold on a large number of people. But please allow me to put my case more fully.

        Apart from the “nob” thing, this meme is disturbing because it’s addressed directly at the working classes only, even though the people who have been duped into voting Tory come from all walks of life. (BTW How would we feel if it started “here’s Nob, she’s disabled” with a graphic of someone with one leg and crutches?) While many will see the Monty Python “funny” visual reference to the knuckle dragging grunting inarticulate working class bloke, as a member of the working class I actually find it quite insulting (as was the original MP sketch featuring that character, if truth be told, but we all laughed at it at the time).

        And does that look like the working class Tory voter who cried on QT because of her terror at the financial cuts in WTC? She had a lot of abuse directed at her at the time of the QT incident, by people calling her a stupid Tory and telling her to suck it up, that’s what she voted for. This is in the same vein, calling that worried woman a nob, when she had been tricked into voting Tory because they said they were for people like her.

        But she realised that it wasn’t what she voted for, not at all. She was trying to survive ideological cuts, also targeted at the working classes. The penny dropped and she is apparently a Labour supporter now, and the same penny is dropping all over the UK and beyond. We don’t want to alienate those who need to believe in change. This actually strikes me as a clever piece of black propaganda, seemingly of the left but really very divisive. Witness our lack of agreement about it.

        However, the ones who know exactly what Cameron / Osborne are up to and still support them, then hands down, they are nobs. And they come on all types including public school nobs, sociopathic nobs, banksters and intellectually immature nobs and yes, probably some working class nobs too.

    1. loobitzh

      I agree with Charlotte, in that insulting people is not likely to make them feel welcome, especially if they themselves have their own prejudices towards the working classes to overcome.

      1. Barry Davies

        Florence you seem to think that voting UKIP was a vote for the tories, for your information UKIP is not the tory party and never has been. The ex tories who voted UKIP would of course have reduced the tory vote not enhanced it, which if your claim was correct would have lead to a labour government unfortunately for all those who try to pretend UKIP is far right and all disgruntled tories there is also a massive amount of ex labour and ex lib deb members as well, which balanced out the difference. there was nothing wrong with wanting to have a government of the people for the people by the people instead of being told what to do by bunch of unelected failed politicians in another country.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        The number of former Labour and Liberal Democrat voters who supported UKIP were, of course, tricked by that party’s pose as being all for the common citizen, when it isn’t. UKIP is a cadre of very rich, very right-wing bankers and financiers – and always has been.

  2. Terry Jager

    Very good check list of horrors , Perfectly worded to spell out the atrocities under camerons regime , with around 24% being tory voters in the last election , it’s the other 76% where the difference can make the change . Of the people i’ve spoken to 2 questions recur with regard to backing Labour …. unions & the 1970’s , fearfull of the balance going to far the other way (personally i don’t think it would be allowed to happen & i have voiced that opinion ) .By far the biggest doubt seems to be the amount of closset tory’s within the labour party ;- Blairites if you will , judging by there reaction to Jeremy Corbin’s election win & just how many there are who really don’t want any form of a socalist or even non-right wing government ,it would seem foolhardy to expect a different type of government from the same old right wing opinionated MP’s (i didn’t have an answer for that one )

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      The answer is that the Blairites are on the way out and the majority of the Labour Party is with Corbyn.

  3. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)

    Very well explained Mike! To all who were apathetic or too lazy to vote don’t complain now because you are reaping the disappointments; remember next time to VOTE.

    Ordinary people have a duty to vote if they wish to prevent a recurrence of this administration and, unless they want to be deprived of a decent life, they should vote for a proper government; a Labour one.

  4. Terry Davies

    I think nobs is a fair description of working class tory voters. shame on them all for voting for tories. they were turkeys voting for christmas and it time they thought things through.
    if they dont want to be labelled nobs they shouldnt vote for any tory or to have a salaried mayor in their city or town.

  5. Michael Broadhurst

    i hope your right Mike,but Corbyn should be ripping the Tories apart in the house,but never hear him mention the bedroom tax,benefit sanctions that are killing people,the lies of IDS and the sadists at DWP plus all the other evils of this fascist regime,and if he thinks CaMoron is lying call him a liar and to hell with parliamentary THAT would make the headlines

    1. Florence

      Corbyn has a team – the shadow cabinet – to do take the opposition to the Tories too. This week John McDonnell has written to the EU, asking their Competitions and Monopolies Commission to investigate the Google deal, and Owen Smith had urgent questions tabled in the HoC although IDS refused to answer himself about the Bedroom Tax legal rulings. These are just in the last few days. Corbyn was also visiting areas having elections – which Labour won for Councillors in a couple of wards with increased majorities in every case. If you’re not aware of how Labour is now getting out the starting blocks and into full opposition mode, then that’s the press failing to report. Like today’s demo about housing, not being reported either. You have to find the news yourself, on line, because the MSM are just not reporting it, but that isn’t a reflection of Labours activities..

  6. John

    It’s just as well that both Corbyn and McDonnell are still going around the country (although I believe it’s more McDonnell now), and giving talks and ‘conferences’ in various places around the UK, in order to talk to people about what they’re doing. You might argue that, well, any tories just won’t bother turning up. Which might be true. However, although some might argue that Labour don’t stand a chance anyway, if they weren’t getting out and about, they definitely WOULDN’T stand a chance, with all the lies that are being spread about Corbyn and Co.

  7. Brian

    Corbyn exhibits quiet but confident humility, a trait unknown the other side of the benches. He has no need, or indeed intent, to lower himself to tory level. The public will eventually see through the tory philosophy and Corbyn will be the winner. The tories are and will continue to be their own worst enemies as their lies catch up and, as they descend into a bickering mob, the world will see them for what they truly are. As one recent study found, conspiracies have a way of unfolding and revealing the truth. The likes of IDS should have thrown the spade away long ago, there can be only one conclusion to their discredited governance.

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