RMT chief’s demand for execution of Tories for ‘murdering’ sparks anger – against him

Here’s a classic example of why This Blog does not tolerate comments calling for violence in response to the Conservative Government’s policies of hate.

Many of you may consider Steve Hedley to be justified in his claim that Conservative policies are killing the disabled. This Writer certainly does – and I’ve seen the figures (or at least, the few that are available).

But look what happened when he said the Tories should be “taken out and shot”. The story ceased to be “The Conservatives are killing the disabled” and became “Union rep incites violence against Tories”.

The message Mr Hedley was trying to communicate was lost.

Shelagh Fogarty isn’t to blame. This Writer has been interviewed by her and she seems entirely reasonable; she was only doing what I would have done in her place.

So that’s why I won’t let anybody make such suggestions in the comment columns of Vox Political. It would give the Uptight Right an excuse to attack and belittle This Blog.

And that would never do.

The boss of one of Britain’s biggest trade unions has claimed Conservative ministers are “murdering” people and called for them to be “taken out and shot”.

Steve Hedley, the RMT’s senior assistant general secretary, also branded senior cabinet figures an “absolute disgrace” for cuts to disability benefits in a fiery outburst on LBC.

Phone-in presenter Shelagh Fogarty told Hedley, “It is not a part of adult, mature negotiation to speak the way you just spoke.” However, the 45-year-old continued his line of attack.

“This government are killing three disabled people a week because of the cuts – you never hear that discussed on your programme,” he lamented.

Why don’t we have more conversations about what’s actually going on in this country?” asked the RMT boss. “The cuts are affecting people’s health and killing people every week.”

“What is it with people – they can’t get down to the nitty gritty and say that this government are actually murdering people.”

Source: RMT Chief Steve Hedley Accuses Tory Government Of ‘Murdering’ People And Calls For Their Execution

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20 thoughts on “RMT chief’s demand for execution of Tories for ‘murdering’ sparks anger – against him

  1. Tony Dean

    Personally I want a Nuremberg type of trial of all those British politicians and senior civil servants who were involved in the Work Capability Assessment and it’s previous iterations going all the way back to Peter Lilley, and the inventor of the spurious system, Mansel Aylward.

  2. Sid

    Mike, you are 100% right.
    Our Media will spin anything.
    We on the “moderate” left of life, have a duty to NOT let the media spin our words!

    It’s bad enough, theTories are helped by a rabid bunch of journo dogs without feeding them raw meat!


  3. Bookworm

    I see your point and agree the truth has to be ‘palatable’ for general public to accept BUT I am grateful to him for speaking out and having the empathy to care. I think at the moment the way the Vichy govt ruled is relevant to how this govt is allowed to proceed. Have to be very careful that in playing by their rules we don’t collude in our own demise….

  4. Terry Davies

    shows strength of opposition to Tories
    here is food for thought and I welcome any advice or comments.
    Can i legally use a will to prohibit any tory voter from deriving benefit from my body organs when I die?
    Have contacted relevant opt out depts. However they refuse to give relevant info.

  5. Neilth

    Hedley is right about people dying as a direct consequence of Tory policies however he is a cautionary lesson in allowing one’s emotions get the better of good sense. Politicians are constantly being attacked for being mealy mouthed and couching what they say in qualifiers. Here is a case in point. If you allow yourself to speak immoderately you leave yourself open to attack for the way in which you speak rather than the facts you are trying to express.

    Populists such as Farage or Trump who say things that are equally outrageous are lauded for not speaking like politicians. They can then rephrase and say the opposite five minutes later and still get away with it. That’s fine until the time comes when they have to stand behind their pronouncements and actually put them into practice.

  6. Rupert Mitchell (@rupert_rrl)


    The big problem we have is the apathy of people who think “I’m alright why should I get involved?” Everyone with an ounce of decency has a duty to become involved where mal-practice of any sort is evident, and should bear in mind that they may not always be “alright.”

  7. Mary Patricia Mclean

    Why….everybody has the right to free speech….just as you are doing…wont read you blog again…

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      You seem quite happy to hinder my right to free speech. This is my place; you abide by my rules here.
      If you think This Blog should endanger itself by publishing incitements to violence, then Vox Political is better off without you.

      1. Tony Dean

        Mike, what incitement to violence? I have heard people making the same or similar comments as Steve Hedley on a near daily basis for several years.

      2. Mike Sivier Post author

        Putting people up against a wall and shooting them is extremely violent behaviour.
        Saying people should be put up against a wall and shot is incitement to violence.

      3. wildswimmerpete

        We’ve got to avoid throwing out the baby with the bath water. “So-and-so should be put against the wall and shot” is a common expression of annoyance used by many if not all. However the usage depicted in this example by a senior union representative is of course well beyond the pale. We don’t really want the imposition of BBC-style political correctness.

      4. Mike Sivier Post author

        Would you rather give fans of our evil Tory government an easy target?
        Look at the way the radio presenter responded to the union rep. That could easily happen here, and then VP‘s reputation would be tarnished. And mud always sticks.
        It simply isn’t worth it, just so someone can vent their feelings about current affairs in, let’s face it, an inappropriate way.

  8. Florence

    Unfortunately, the colloquial origin of the “taken out and shot” was for dealing with animals, like a mad dog, and didn’t mean that should be done to the pwrson. Now it is seen as an incitement to violence. Very much agreed about managing to lose the important message by allowing this to become the story. This is the dilemma though, when you find out how many the govt are killing, while twisting the most benign language to hide their sinister agenda; how do you express the sheer anger and pain that these deaths cause, without being forced to used inteperate language too?

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      But it’s only “vermin clearance” in your opinion, Tony. Other people would happily take that as an expression of intent to harm other people for no reason other than that their opinion is different from yours – and would happily use it to attack This Blog. It isn’t worth it.

      1. Michelle

        Mike I agree with you. Also, although it shows most opinions here are different to the current powers that be, the reasoning and manner in which we deal with it – if via violence or inciting to harm would be of the same oppressive, cruel and senseless reasoning that they have.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      I don’t even read like one.
      You need to stop and think.
      You don’t win an argument by offering the opposition a golden opportunity.

  9. Cthulhu

    The comment is playing into Tory hands. A pity but there you have it! I’d much prefer IDS and his ilk be made to reform via workfare… Far more fitting! Oh and lose all their riches and made to live amongst the plebs, on dole rates, paying council tax and ‘spare room subsidy’ out of the pittance! It might seem tame for all the harm caused, however being made to do what they’ve subjected the poor to would be hugely satisfying… Being banged up forever is a cop out, make them work … A chain gang would be good!! ?

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