Motability cars lost by 45% of DLA to PIP claimants – Benefits and Work

88063780_car2This Blog has received a comment from Samuel Miller, which I’d like to add, as follows:

“According to the DWP, Motability have agreed that the majority of people leaving the scheme following PIP reassessment will be eligible for a one-off payment of £2,000, which will help ensure their mobility needs continue to be met.

“That statement is disingenuous because that one-off payment will eventually be depleted.”

The BBC has obtained figures which show that 45% of disability living allowance (DLA) claimants with a Motability car lost it when they were assessed for personal independence payment (PIP).

According to the BBC, 31,200 Motability car users on the higher rate of the mobility component of DLA have been assessed for PIP. Of those, 17,300 people – 55% – have kept their car, but 13,900 – 45% – have had their car taken away because they no longer qualify.

Motability say they provide a support package, including a £2,000 grant to anyone who has their car taken away because of a PIP reassessment.

Source: Motability cars lost by 45% of DLA to PIP claimants

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10 thoughts on “Motability cars lost by 45% of DLA to PIP claimants – Benefits and Work

  1. Jenny Hambidge

    Sounds bizarre to me: if the £2000 is an acknowledgement that people have mobility needs that require that package how can they be stripped of the mobility component in the first place?

  2. hilary772013

    Mike Motability is a charity & is not run by the DWP & I thought it was very kind of the charity to offer the money to those who had lost their entitlement & their car.

    The DWP pay the claimant for the higher rate Mobility component of PIP which can be used to obtain a car through Motability on a 3 year lease, you either use all of your allowance or a part of it depending on the purchase price of the car, after the 3 years you take the car back to the dealership where you are getting your next car from,not necessarily the same dealership as the car you are returning, they then sell the car & the proceeds go to Motability. Not too sure if it is the dealership or Motability that sell the car but either way Motability get the money.

    In short Motability buys the car I would assume they get a good deal from the dealerships, you then pay all or part of your allowance to Motability, they then sell the car.

    It is definitely a charity as they send out raffle tickets & ask for donations.

    1. hilary772013

      I should have added that the £2000 is only for old claimants & not for newer claimants that lose their car, the newer claimants only get £1000. Never the less it is more that the heinous DWP offer which is a slow death.

  3. Dez

    I am sure Motability will not like the idea of losing that huge chunk of captive business and will be creating private deals that will keep their business ticking over either to run off the existing contracts or to offer stand alone deals which will require some form of upfront deposit. However these alternatives will probably be intermediate arrangements unless Motability can cut a good deal for their ex customers. Nice to see the SS have not lost their blood lust for htting the most disadvantaged. Was surprised at high the number of contract terminationS they had achieved in their night of the long knives. Her Smith will be handing out fat bonus payments to his storm troopers and contractors on that hit.

  4. David Woods

    And would not the DWP see this payment as ‘income’ and deduct?

    When I looked for help with the cost towards a college course, DWP informed me any ‘grant or payment’ is looked on as income and would be deducted from my benefit.
    Which of course negates the ‘help’ given!

    And when I enquired in the job centre about ‘training’ to improve employment prospects (she had cards scattered across her table saying exactly that); it took her less than 5 seconds to come back with a No!

    The only courses on ‘offer’ were English as a second language or basic maths!
    She did suggest if I mention I’m on benefit when I apply I ‘may’ be offered a discounted rate but as I pointed out I’m on £77 a week I have no spare money after paying bills!
    What I got was a shrug of the shoulders in return and a sorry we can’t help!

    Plus of course, by taking ‘any course’ unless theirs, you are limiting the hours you can work thereby prejudicing your claim in the first place and putting yourself at risk of sanctioning!

  5. John

    I’m sure someone will educate me on this one, but how exactly is £2000 supposed to pay for a replacement (adapted) car? Or is it the idea that that is supposed to act as a deposit for a new car, and then regular monthly payments or something? Also, how much do the adaptions to the car cost? Who is supposed to pay for that?

  6. shaun

    This is an odd example of a charity helping to lesson the actions of an inhuman government. They have not as much raised the hint of an objection to a government policy that will remove the ability from around half their existing recipients’ to obtain the service they are supposedly in existence to provide. I note they recently appointed a new ‘CEO’ who is paid over £1 million per year to oversee their contraction. That’s hell of a lot of money (I think it’s £500,000 more than the previous ‘CEO’) to manage an organisation that’s about to shrink by around 45%. But then who would complain if they were offered a job that is twice the previous incumbent’s salary for just under half the work (and he’ll most likely spend his retirement in the House of Lords, so the pensions sorted out too).
    What type of car would £2,000 get for a person with disabilities and how long could it be expected to last? With your mobility component cut you would be lucky to make the weekly petrol payments, let along the insurance and Road Tax etc. I gather the £2000 is conditional on the vehicle being handed back undamaged and with the full cooperation of the former Mobility customer. It might surmised that many Mobility customers, wrongly, took their frustration at the unfairness of PIP out on the vehicle and were less than helpful in assisting in its collection by Mobility operations.
    P.S. I gather Mobility will also help to arrange that any ‘no claims’ entitlement you will have built up is transferred to the new insurer.
    Personally, I suspect the loss of this benefit and the freedom and ability to visit family members would lead to a wooden box and the flames of hell. Though, a one-to-one meeting with IDS would be better.

  7. Terry Davies

    its an old chestnut to get moronic MPs to accept unfairness in the welfare reforms made by the work fare orientated USA run DWP.

  8. David Boughen

    Tory goverment will forget , but when its voteing time we will not have forgoten how the concervatives discriminate against ill and disabled people

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