David Cameron forced into humiliating cabinet climbdown over EU deal

David Cameron: This time he won’t have it all his own way [Image: Getty].

It’s perilously amusing that David Cameron has been humiliated because the Eurosceptics in his own cabinet understand the tricks he plays.

Knowing that he has demanded they support his line until after he brings any EU deal to a full cabinet meeting, they know this meant he would spend the weekend campaigning for an ‘In’ vote while their hands are tied, if that meeting remained scheduled for next week.

He is sly that way. The Tory puppy press play it down but Cabinet members also know enough about him to judge him by his actions, not be other people’s words.

So the Cabinet meeting has been rescheduled to take place before the weekend, with Cameron being dragged back to face ministers who are not going to accept any nonsense.

What a shame they can’t be bothered to show such rigour regarding his harmful domestic policies.

Note also that we’re still being told nothing about how our EU membership affects us – in both good and bad ways – on a daily basis.

David Cameron has been forced into a humiliating Cabinet climbdown.

If he strikes a deal at the EU summit on Thursday and Friday, it will trigger the referendum campaign.

The PM has said all Ministers must toe the Government line until the Cabinet has approved his package.

He planned to do that next week. But Eurosceptic ministers feared he would use the weekend to campaign for “In” unopposed.

Now Mr Cameron has agreed to head straight back from Brussels for an emergency Cabinet meeting.

Source: David Cameron forced into humiliating cabinet climbdown over EU deal – Mirror Online

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17 thoughts on “David Cameron forced into humiliating cabinet climbdown over EU deal

  1. Barry Davies

    Does that mean they have to still toe the line even if the cabinet rejects his pitiful deal? because he said they had to remain quiet until they approved it.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      If he brings a deal back – I don’t even know if the Cabinet has to approve it but would expect that to happen – then the EU referendum campaign would begin immediately. Cabinet ministers have already secured agreement that they can campaign according to their consciences (such as those are) so they would not have to toe the line any more.

  2. Mr.Angry

    The rest of Europe knows what this man is and how he is treating the UK citizens they are not going to bend to his whims. His lies will be his downfall and the sooner the better for us all. Dictator in a suit.

  3. David

    Trouble is, Cameron campaigns like a prat and still wins. Cameron’s crew are evil so and so’s masquerading as prats. Look at them: Cameron himself, Osborne (poor little rich kid flattering the Northern Powerhouse with gifts he’s already stolen from them) and the original no good boyo, the ineffable Boris. Nasty and hopeless that they all are, they assume their right to power and we give it to them. The tories make UKIP look like choirboys.

  4. Lyn Padley

    “Note also that we’re still being told nothing about how our EU membership affects us – in both good and bad ways – on a daily basis.”
    How true – I have been searching fruitlessly for impartial information on the benefits and disadvantages of EU membership to help me decide how to vote in the referendum but there seems nothing that is not issued by either the “for” or “against” groups.

    1. Barry Davies

      We are being told how it affects us, the in campaign revolves around the lie that we have to be in the eu to red with it, and although we have a negative trade balance with the eu, that they would somehow punish us for leaving, and taking our £60million a day payments with us, although what is being claimed would break international law as imposed by the WTO, the other thing is that apparently as it makes it easier to have a holiday, if you choose to go to one of the other 27 nations in this corrupt group, but for the rest of us there is not even their “advantage” and that there are no roaming charges for your phone, which as I turn off my phone when on holiday, i don’t want to be contacted thank you is again no advantage at all. So nothing there to stay in but saving Billions to not having an influx of people flooding the jobs market, having extra monies so that public services such as the NHS could be properly funded being able to negotiate our own trade agreements rather than having the eu do it for us, and above all a return to democratic governance rather than being governed by a committee of failed politicians called the commission in brussels who have no accountability to the people whatsoever.

      1. Mike Sivier Post author

        No reason to stay in?
        You’ve got a lot of learning to do.
        There are arguments on both sides that simply aren’t being heard because of Cameron’s silliness.

      2. Malcolm MacINTYRE-READ

        There are an enormous number of requests across the Net for unbiased, independent, source-identified, justified calculations, clear, readable info on all pros and cons.

        However, there are an almost equal number of comments on not trusting anything from the Con Gov, any political party, any “In” or “Out” groups (being biased by their own declaration of intent), most newspapers, pretty well all websites, etc., etc.

        But one example of “justified calculations” is the above statement on “taking our £60million a day payments with us”, when Nige the Pint claims a mere “£50 million a day”, while it has then been claimed elsewhere that it takes no account of various rebates, subsidies and shopping reductions, which reduces it to only “£24 million a day”. But what is taken into account and how are either calculations arrived at in the spirit of “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”?

        So where believable unbiased, etc., etc., pros & cons can come from I do not know. But I do know that that disgusting conclusion should shame the whole of our political system into understanding that most citizens have had enough of self-interested, self-serving, and disdainful crap.

        Most people I know, who still have even the merest concern for UK politics, are thinking adults, but feel treated as zombies and idiots. I really do feel, as a bomb-site-playing Baby Boomer and whoopppeeee student in the 60’s, followed by years of managing national and international NFP orgs, and now a retired Wrinklie, worried for our kiddies and grandies .. it ain’t the world I was brung up in.

      1. Malcolm MacINTYRE-READ

        After some lengthy sizing up, I feel that the best current deal is offered by the Economist (recommended by a number of people on various sites) at http://www.economist.com/news/special-report/21673505-though-britain-has-always-been-rather-half-hearted-about-european-union-its

        You will need to pay £12 for a 12 week trial period (as I have done), but you get what you pay for… which is probably why SO MANY comments have said “don’t believe ANY Facebook entries/one-side-or-‘tother websites/internet websites”.

        Otherwise, other possible options are suggested to be FT, Time and Reuters… the AND being deliberate.

        Hope that helps.

  5. NMac

    Even his rotten, nasty and corrupt colleagues know that he is a political lightweight. Bring on the in-fighting.

  6. Dave

    They used exactly the same tactics in the Scottish referendum a and used project fear to get people to vote no .I’ll list a few of the threats used to get ?that no vote, calling the elderly and telling them vote yes if you want to lose your old age pension . What are they threatening now to the whole of Britain ? Exactly the same thing.That there would be no monetary union ! The bank of England she say yes we could have had monetary union . The NHS.would have to be privatised ! No it is only the English NHS that is being privatised due to the Toly party’s line my pockets philosophy. Free travel would be removed from oaps. Free prescriptions would go as would free tuition at universities , but as these things are devolved they have no say in these areas but fear was placed in the minds of students and the elderly . Just wait you will be bombarded by the English yes campaign telling you to vote yes or a) the farmers will riot due to losing their subsides from Europe ,b)the NHSwill have to be privatised as the country can no longer afford to fund it. c)that trident will have to be renewed so that the English parliament would still have standing in the international community. But it all boils down to we need to be at the trough so that our pockets get lined even more as all Toly politicians are out to screw you over vote as your mind and heart tells you forget the politicians vote yes or no bit vote with your heart do not let project fear influence your actions. As you will come to regret that you followed the advice given by call me Dave and the rest of his cronies.use your own judgement and vote with your conscience.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      While I agree with your last sentence, you lost me for most of your comment, from your claims about pensions onward. In the Scottish referendum campaign, it was made clear by the independent National Association of Pension Funds that there would be a shortfall if Scotland became independent. The organisation raised concerns about how that shortfall would be covered. I wrote about it here: http://voxpoliticalonline.com/2014/09/22/did-labour-really-lie-to-scotland-about-pensions-no/
      From that starting-point, I was forced to look on the rest of your claims with scepticism.

  7. Malcolm MacINTYRE-READ

    “What a shame they can’t be bothered to show such rigour regarding his harmful domestic policies.”

    What shame? His “harmful domestic policies” are exactly what the Cons have tried to achieve all along and will continue to do so until every public service is privatised, screwed and only available to the Con tribe.

    And the only “rigour” they are interested in is to ensure we get away from those on so nasty Frogs, Ities, Krauts, etc., so we can pretend to be a Victorian Empire again.

    What silly little boys they are… albeit that such a term is an insult to all real world little boys.

  8. John

    Well, he might still try, but he’d be completely and utterly stupid to even attempt to claim that (regardless of what you think about Labour or Corbyn), the ‘in-fighting’ is on just one side of the commons now !

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