Why are our nuclear plants being run by foreigners?

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Gosh, that’s good news isn’t it – that the French company running eight UK-based nuclear power stations is extending their operation lives?

Well, I don’t know – is it?

Firstly, if these stations were intended to close after a certain period of time, wasn’t there a reason for that? Is it really safe to keep them going for longer?

Secondly, doesn’t this indicate a lack of investment in the energy sector after privatisation – exactly the opposite of what we were told would happen by the Conservative Parasites when they sold off our power.

Finally, why is a French company dictating what happens with UK power? Why should 1.18 billion Euros be winging their way to France from the UK? That money should be staying here to boost our domestic economy.

It’s not a result of some EU trickery – it’s the result of Tory privatisation. They have given our utilities away to foreign powers.

It is treachery of the most insidious kind.

French energy firm EDF will extend the life of four of its eight nuclear power plants in the UK.

The move will safeguard 2,000 jobs and help with tight energy supplies.

Heysham 1 and Hartlepool will have their life extended by five years until 2024, while Heysham 2 and Torness will see their closure dates pushed back by seven years to 2030.

Meanwhile, EDF said its 2015 profits fell 68% to €1.18bn mainly due to writedowns on coal-fired plants.

Source: EDF to keep four UK nuclear plants open for years longer – BBC News

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8 thoughts on “Why are our nuclear plants being run by foreigners?

  1. David

    When I were a lad, there used to be a patriotic song: “There’ll always be an England, where there’s a country Lane. . . ” Climaxing with “Red White and Blue. What does it mean to you? Surely you’re proud. Shout it out loud. Britons awake!”

    The words, dismal though they are, were popular with our local middle-class tories. None of our present crop of tories and some Labour people seem to think much of what we used to own in our own island. Railways now belong to France and Germany as well as to the Martian Branson and the unspeakable Souter. China is now having an input into our capability to supply ourselves with power and so it goes on. We have to rely on a corrupt, increasingly incompetent and irresponsible city for our national income: an institution governed and managed by people who, at the drop of a hat, would sell the UK to the highest bidder.

  2. John Webster

    and don’t forget that edf are owned by the french state – so technically not even a private company…

  3. Patrick Sudlow

    Britain’s nuclear energy was sold-off under Labour, who did not reverse any Conservative legislation: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7870112.stm. And the excuse given by both parties, in support of nuclear, is to increase our energy security. By having foreign companies running them and being dependent on imported ‘yellow cake’ (refined uranium ore)! Both political parties living in some sort of ‘cloud cuckoo land’. As for extending the live of ageing power plants? They are increasing the risk of a major incident, despite their computer modelling predicting otherwise.

    1. Mike Sivier Post author

      No – the decision to privatise was made in 1988 by the Conservative Parasites, and the privatised Nuclear Electric company was created in 1990.
      The excuse given by both parties is about whether the UK should have nuclear power generation at all – not about whether it should be privately or publicly owned.

  4. Harry

    Exactly so Mike: Just as the Chinese are to build and operate the contentious new Nuclear power plants in the UK. The same Chinese whom the US neoconservative parasites are provoking in the South China Sea. Nothing makes any sense does it? Especially why the British public are even tolerating our rogue establishment and administration.

  5. Dez

    The fact that the stations are now privatised hopefully means the astute civil servant procurement officers who stiched this deal up made sure the Companies assume full liability for future disasters and national clean ups. These foreign companies chancing their arms with a commercial decision to run these stations past their sell date all must completely fall to them when it all ends in tears. I would not mind betting these same Government decision makers have not only taken full liability for any future disasters but also agreed to pay for the expensive clean up operations as well…. such is this Governments total privatisation madness. How do we know edf have not depressed their profits by writing off coal fired stations at some fanciful amortisation rate that accountants love to create when needed…..should be well covered by the reduction of fuels which savings have not been passed on to customers.

  6. Christine Bergin

    Seems to me to be verging on treason to give control of crucial resources like power and water to foreign countries.

  7. Gavin Proctor

    “Britain can’t have state owned power or transport companies”,no we just use other countries state owned companies and pay extra for the privilege, the media have done great work to hide the fact that state owned enterprise, especially in the energy and transport sector isn’t a radical left fringe ideology, It’s generally supported by the vast majority of European moderate parliaments.

    Meanwhile working people struggle to meet transport costs as house prices push them further from the cities and old people die because they can’t afford to heat their homes. All to appease a very small number of executives.

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